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    "Interesting from tech to culture but not for all"

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    Huidige werknemer - Senior Software Engineer in Amsterdam
    Huidige werknemer - Senior Software Engineer in Amsterdam
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    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij DAZN (Korter dan een jaar)


    - Cool brand new office in the centre of Amsterdam
    - Awesome tech stack
    - Disruptive product
    - Lots of technology challenges and opportunities to learn new things
    - You are treated like an adult and expected to make your own decisions within the team
    - Motivated, passionate and smart engineers (the vast majority)
    - Encouraging managers that encourage you to speak up and take action (all the time!)
    - No office politics, no blame culture.
    - Can reach out to anyone for help, and they won't deny assisting. Across the several locations
    - Senior management is easily accessible and helpful. We're encouraged to book 1:1s with Head, talk on Teams, he can be reached over lunch and breaks, town halls every month with asking me anything session, etc. I've done it several times and got things done.
    - Very good work life balance
    - Working from home at the team discretion
    - People allowed to work from abroad for a week or so which is great when your home country is really far away
    - Loads of opportunities to attend conferences and meetups. We had a few meetups at the office as well.


    - Growing incredibly fast so I don't know everyone in the office
    - Not much process around
    - No much support from Product. Been told we're hiring but it's taking a lot of time
    - You have to be autonomous and have self drive to succeed
    - Some colleagues are just not cut to work at DAZN and get very negative when they understand that is not just talking, they need to walk and take accountability
    - The office doesn't have space for chill out and playing games
    - No canteen

    Advies aan management

    DAZN is not for people who want to be told what and how to do it. Please be explicit at the interviewing phase and try to triage better. Please solve the lunch situation and communicate more. Deal with the ones who moan, don't keep investing on them, is annoying having to deal with negative people. Keep doing what you're doing but do it faster

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    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 3 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij DAZN (Amsterdam) in september 2021.


    Applied Online and process took 3 Weeks. 3 Rounds in total. 1st Behavior which is taken by Engineering Manager. 2nd & 3rd by Senior Devs related to Coding and System Design respectively.

    I would say behavior was an interesting round where they do SWOT analysis of a candidate.

    Highly disappointed from Coding round. Don't worry, it won't be leetcode/hackerrank problem. They say that they will not test language knowledge but essentially they do. Expectation is that you know Typescript/JavaScript because they will share a code project and in live coding round you have to write the logic of problem and test cases too.
    I felt problem was over simplified and they focus more on try catch, exceptions, retry, test case syntax, public/private variable declaration.
    Even if you verbally explain your thought process and what you want to implement but don't know syntax fully, it will reduce your chances.
    System design was pretty simple. Just Have a grasp around basic distributed system concepts - caching, sql/nosql, HA vs consistency etc.


    • Q- Sharding, Consistent Hashing ?
      Q- Caching. How Distributed Caching works?
      Q- How to reduce the cost of Cloud Infrastructure associated with the SDI you designed in the first place?   Vraag beantwoorden
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