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ACT Commodities is the global leader in trading energy commodities. We connect the supply and demand of environmental certificates and physical products all over the world.

Because we’re growing so rapidly, we’re looking for new talented ... Meer lezen


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ACT Commodities – Waarom met ons werken?

Global trading company

ACT Commodities is a global trading company with an open-minded attitude, collaborative work culture and broad portfolio of environmental commodities and fuels products. Conceived to facilitate the new trading opportunities which emerged with the introduction of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the company has evolved in line with the diversity of environmental products available. 

Meeting demand for environmental commodities

ACT Commodities was founded in Amsterdam in 2009 by former financial brokers Jaap Janssen and Bram Bastiaansen. When the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) was first implemented in 2005, the pair were among the first to recognize the need for the provision of trading services in the environmental commodities market.

Demand for this service led to the business growing rapidly in terms of clients, turnover and product range. Today ACT Commodities employs around 100 people, has offices in both Amsterdam and New York and brings liquidity to the most diverse international portfolio of certificates and physical energy commodities products in the world.

Advantageous company culture

ACT Commodities takes great pride in fostering an open and transparent company culture where all employees are treated equally and feel a real sense of camaraderie. We believe that hiring the right people and empowering them to excel, together, is the most beneficial personnel policy.

We take time to identify talent and give that talent time, and support, to realize its potential. Shared decision-making and individual entrustment with responsibility lead to everybody feeling invested in the company’s future. The result is a loyal, enthusiastic, long-serving team who provide an exceptional level of customer service.

Global vision

Generation and trading of environmental commodities are matters of global relevance. ACT Commodities connects this international marketplace by serving customers from all over the world, as well as global customers with subsidiaries all over the world. To align more closely with this diversity of clients, we employ traders who originate from many different countries to facilitate better linguistic and cultural understanding.

From our roots in Amsterdam, the capital city of one of history’s greatest international trading nations, we are gradually spreading our physical presence to other continents. Our New York office serves the needs of America-based clients.

Learn. Succeed. Celebrate.

As one of the world’s leading trading houses in the international environmental commodity markets, ACT Commodities offers exciting career opportunities to those with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you have the talent, ambition and drive to succeed in our dynamic and complex market, we will give you all the knowledge and support needed to reach your highest potential.

Capitalize on your talent for trading

As a leader in the international environmental commodity markets, ACT Commodities offers exciting trading career opportunities to those with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

You don’t have to be a commodities expert to start here, but you do need to possess the ambition and drive to become one. If you have the hunger to succeed in our dynamic and complex market, we will give you the knowledge and support that helps realize your trading career potential.

A world of opportunity

ACT Commodities employees work within a multi-national team with access to possibly the most diverse product portfolio on the planet. We welcome new ideas for expanding our business and our non-hierarchical structure gives you the freedom to thrive on your own initiatives. If you have great ideas, we’ll support you in acting upon them.

Our winning formula

ACT Commodities employees enjoy a friendly, collegial and collaborative working environment, where the sum of our personal strength is a formidable force. By assisting, encouraging and celebrating each other’s successes, we are all inspired to greater individual achievements.

We’ve got to where we are by employing the right people and treating them well. If you have the talent to make our team, we’ll ensure you benefit from our winning formula. To facilitate ongoing peak performance, we provide an ongoing wellbeing program that includes personal development coaching and sport & fitness activities and social gatherings.

Sales Trader Traineeship at ACT Commodities

At ACT Commodities, we believe that investing in raw talent benefits everyone long term. Therefore, all of our new sales traders participate in a personalized Traineeship program. The Traineeship teaches all of our new recruits the knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful trading business. If you succeed, we succeed. From day one we go the extra mile to ensure that success happens throughout your career at ACT Commodities.

Personally tailored
Because every trainee has their own unique personality, we tailor our Traineeships to each individual. Through the Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA)we discover each new recruit’s competence profile and use that as the basis for their personal development plan. Training at ACT Commodities is created to bring out the best in each person, addressing identified learning objectives to set up all of our rising stars for the best possible future.

Structured program
The ACT Commodities Traineeship consists of a structured 4-phase program which optimizes learning by building up competencies at a manageable pace. Product and market knowledge, together with commercial, social and creative skills are covered in-depth via training with internal and external experts. Regular reviews with management and among peers track progress from every angle to ensure consistent and continuous all-round development.

Recruits in our Amsterdam and New York offices get to meet each other and compare experiences when the New York-based recruits come to Amsterdam for part of their apprenticeship.

The end result is comprehensive knowledge, well-practiced skills and the confidence to trade successfully.

On-the-job experience
During the Traineeship, our new recruits receive a competitive base salary and are immediately able to start building their businesses. Conducting relevant market research and developing strategies for client pitches are all part of learning the ropes. Trainees immediately become members of a trading desk and can start contacting potential clients as soon as they feel ready. Experience shows that Trainees manage to start a successful trade book before their Traineeship is completed.

Continual development
After a successful completion of the Traineeship and extension of the contract, the ACT Commodities Performance Cycle kicks in to ensure continued development. This includes regularly scheduled meetings for reviewing performance, results, and competencies, along with setting targets.

At a later stage, employees have the opportunity to participate in the Human Element workshop. This course is an intensive 3.5-day immersion in understanding the logic of human behavior and interactions. Human Element is a follow-up program of the 3-day training Radical Collaboration workshop, which is completed during the Traineeship.

The culture at ACT Commodities is directly reflective of the values each employee holds themselves to.

We value:


  • Being proactive, taking ownership and standing by our own results
  • Inspiring others and continuously seeking innovative solutions


  • Great ideas can come from anywhere: Inclusion is the basis for innovation
  • Reflects the value of different perspective and mutual respect


  • Taking personal responsibility for our commitments, actions, and results
  • Doing business in a responsible way reduces risks, increase efficiency and enhances value creation


  • Delivering what is promised
  • Seeking continuous improvement in all that we do


  • Treating our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity to work in a collaborative way
  • Celebrating success together!

Reviews voor ACT Commodities

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    Voormalige werknemer - Junior Operator in Amsterdam
    Voormalige werknemer - Junior Operator in Amsterdam
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    Ik heb een voltijdbaan gehad bij ACT Commodities (Langer dan een jaar)


    -young and talented team
    -company genuinely cares for you
    -dynamic and changing environment
    -company incentive schemes
    -family feel
    -environmental friendliness
    -proactivity is always rewarded


    - you really have to fit with the company culture to take the most from your time at ACT

    Advies aan management

    Stay great!

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    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde een week. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij ACT Commodities (Amsterdam).


    Het is een zeer onprofessioneel bedrijf en oppervlakkig in de afhandeling van je sollicitatie en tijdens de procedure. Eerst kreeg ik, als verrassing een telefoontje van Personeelszaken. Het gesprek onthulde niet echt meer behalve dat er een belangrijk sociaal gedeelte aan vast hangt na het werk. Na een eerste gesprek, werd ik ingedeeld om te spreken met het Hoofd van de regionale afdeling. Op de dag wanneer het tweede interview was gepland, kreeg ik geen telefoontje of bericht. Ik probeerde vergeefs om personeelszaken te bereiken om het te checken. Na een e-mail van Personeelszaken, die ik de week erop kreeg, kreeg ik geen excuus of een nieuwe datum. De nacht voor dat het nieuwe interview was gepland, kreeg ik een e-mail van Personeelszaken waarin ze me vroegen een online video op te nemen en een paar standaardvragen te beantwoorden. Er werd mij herhaaldelijk verteld me niet te druk te maken over de vragen die ik moest beantwoorden. Ik postte dezelfde avond de video. Het telefonisch inhaalgesprek voor de volgende dag, vond ook nooit plaats. In plaats daar van kreeg ik een heel raar belletje om het goed te maken, waar ze mijn aanvraag wegwerkte. Het bedrijf lijkt zeer onethisch in het proces van inhuren en dit zou je oneerlijke kansen kunnen noemen (verdenking van het inhuren op uiterlijk / leeftijd / geslacht ...).


    • Geen materiaalvragen hoe dan ook. Je wordt aangenomen op je uiterlijk en sociale bekwaamheid.   Vraag beantwoorden
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