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Guildford, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
1001 tot 5000 werknemers
BAE Systems UK
Dochteronderneming of bedrijfssegment
Ondernemingssoftware en netwerkoplossingen
€ 500 miljoen - € 1 miljard (EUR) per jaar

SAS Institute, PA Consulting, IBM

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    "Looks great on your CV, somehow!"

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    Voormalige werknemer - IT Engineer in Leeds, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
    Voormalige werknemer - IT Engineer in Leeds, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
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    Big, recognisable name on your CV, some lovely co-workers. The air conditioning in the office works. Free kit kats. At least you are contributing to a section of the business that (mostly) doesn't have questionable ethics. Decent package.


    Nobody is looking at BAE Systems for competence in IT surely? Enormously top heavy, you can see 4 tiers of management in the same small office space. With that many managers, everything is micromanaged to justify their existence - horrendous waste disguised as "justified" red tape, yet technically the IT strategy in both operational security and is laughably backwards. It seems like the longer your colleagues have worked there the more they laugh it off as being 'the BAE way'. There is a culture of just throwing staff in at the deep end with little or no training that seems to pervade all departments. Recent user hardware refresh deployed some of the most pathetic hardware I've ever seen, but that doesn't really matter because the network is so unreliable and slow that even a 15 year old computer wouldn't perform any different. No canteen, no local amenities since the (frankly grim) cafe closed down, save for a food van that turns up at a random time after first being emptied of all the decent food by the warehouse around the corner. No parking after 7:15am, unless you like parking in an industrial estate a mile away and waiting for a minibus that adds 45 minutes to your commute. Public transport only an option for the privileged few on a specific bus route into Leeds. Your promotion prospects are decided by bell curve against people you've never worked with, by people who don't know you, and they decide in advance how many senior roles they need and guess what - they're mostly all taken up by the morass of managers already. It seems like half the people you work with do enough of the pen pushing KPI box-ticking to game the system (mostly because there are few genuinely good managers in the mass of managers), leaving the other half to do the actual work and burn out within 18 months from stress, and/or get made redundant in the frequent boom/bust redundancy rounds. As the commercial division was recently closed, and financial services are likely to follow suit, all that will be left will be teams of managers helping the company leech off the government.

    Key advice if you do start work here: start planning your next move, there is no way to succeed here, there is a enormous gulf between the layers of managers, let alone the staff that actually produce.

    Advies aan management

    Insource your network management, and have a training plan. Plan further than three months ahead, redesign the ridiculous promotion process from scratch and base it on merit. Run the next redundancy round against managers only, and empower your staff. Move your offices to somewhere with good access and parking! Make your processes encourage creativity instead of box-ticking and waste.

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BAE Systems Applied Intelligence-foto van: Working at AI
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BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Awards en onderscheidingen

  • Top 100 Digital Agencies, Econsultancy, 2015
  • People’s Lovie Award for Best Government and Civic Website, Lovie Awards, 2014
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