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It all started in 2003 in Amsterdam, with just two people, our founder Jouk Pleiter and a partner, who had a shared vision to ‘make the internet more beautiful’. Fast-forward 16 years later, and we are the backbone of over 100 banks all around the world and ... Meer lezen

Missie: We’re on a mission to serve 10% of all smartphone users worldwide with a Backbase-powered financial app. Yes, that means 270 million people (ambitious!). But we see it as exploring millions of initiatives and flexing our brainpower. With us so far?


  • COVID-19

    Can you remain agile while working from home? Have you asked yourself the same question? 👇Our Scrum Masters at Backbase - Beatrice Dähler, James Radford and Victoria Moshanova - shared a few thoughts & best practices on how to stay productive and keep the team culture alive.

  • We’re very proud to be named a Global Leader in Digital Banking by Celent, taking home four out of four awards. Download the report and find out why.

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Backbase – Waarom met ons werken?

Change is at the core of everything we do, which means you will never get bored or too comfortable around here. People work at Backbase because of the challenges we face every day and the people we face these challenges with. Here, you make it happen!

What will make you successful at Backbase? 

  • Open to change. Things constantly change at Backbase, therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable with every day not being the same and you are ready to influence positive change.
  • Thirsty for knowledge. At Backbase we always question the status quo and look for new solutions and ways to do things.
  • Communication. Be able to describe a complex thing and challenge the solution of your colleagues and clients 
Jouk Pleiter at Backbase Connect 2019

Our core product, the Omni-Channel Banking Platform, gives financials the speed and flexibility to create and manage seamless customer experiences across any device. Backbase offers different solutions to help our clients achieve this.   

  • Backbase Flow (Onboarding & Origination)
  • Backbase CSX (Customer Experience  Services) 
  • Backbase Entitlements (Access Control Management)
  • Backbase DBS (Digital Banking Services)
  • Backbase Identity & Access Management (IAM) 

Trusted by leading financials

We leave when our clients are happy. Not a day earlier. This committed way of working has won over a lot of our clients’ hearts. To name a few: Central 1, ABN Amro, Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC.

It all started in 2003 in Amsterdam, with just two people, our founder Jouk Pleiter and a partner, who had a shared vision to ‘make the internet more beautiful’. Fast-forward 16 years later, and we are the backbone of over 100 banks all around the world and part of the day-to-day banking experience of over 50 million people.

We make it happen all together every day. Our values guide us in interactions between each other, our global hubs and our clients. 


We explore new routes. We don’t shy away from being critical of ourselves, our products and our industry. We are open, direct and always questioning the status quo; to keep on learning and keep ourselves and others on their toes.

Can Do

No matter the challenge, we use our creative minds to find ways to make things happen. We are ambitious to be the best in class in the industry. Raising the bar. Pushing each other’s limits to bring out our best. We are determined & pragmatic. No Fluff. Just Stuff.


We solve hard problems and look for new opportunities for growth. We inspire. We mobilize the right talent to succeed in our mission. We persevere where others would give up. We feel proud when our vision comes true.


We are a company of builders, designers, makers, and doers, always open to learn and improve, shaping the future of banking together with our customers. We ask for feedback and constantly seek insights that make us better.


We are strong. We come from all over the world and embrace diversity. We believe in open dialogue among a small team of people who trust one another, who are focused outside themselves. This way we create shared consciousness and shared authorship of ideas that no single person could have arrived at independently.

Where it all began! 

AMSTERDAM HQ is the largest of our offices and boasts an international mix of talented people. Working in software engineering, sales, marketing, academy or business support, we have a great team that’s driving our growth.

Loud and busy sometimes but always friendly, helpful, and super fun. We love to celebrate each other’s achievements, share jokes, and our love for food, movies, traveling, and sports. We’re one big and diverse family working towards the same goal.

With graffiti of Marilyn Monroe and Pulp Fiction stars John Travolta, and Samuel L. Jackson looking cool on our walls, you can probably guess that we love entertainment. From games nights and parties to boat rides and Dj gigs - you name it, we have it. Take a peek inside our Amsterdam office.


The spring of 2019 marked the expansion of our footprint in the Netherlands. We opened a new office in the lively and prominent city of Utrecht.

Just minutes away from Utrecht Centraal Station, and located within a coworking space, our private office houses one of our business banking tribes.

Small in numbers, for now, our Utrecht office has what you would call ‘a cool startup vibe’. We’re over ten people, so literally everyone gets to share their ideas, whether in standups or at lunch.

Yes, the entire team eats lunch together in the most ‘gezellig’ of Backbase lunch venues. We organize ‘wine downs’ and cheese tastings to celebrate team milestones, life events, and just because... do you need a reason for wine and cheese?

It must be true if they say it

Get inspired by the stories of our very own rockstars - builders, makers, and doers who strive at getting things done by always raising the bar higher.

Develop yourself

Use your yearly training budget to polish your skills. Join one of the knowledge-sharing sessions to discover more or come to a guild meeting to share ideas.

A global community

With 60+ nationalities working side-by-side in 9 offices around the world, Backbase is a place where you can work on projects with people from all over the world.

Pride and fun

We take pride in our achievements and we love to celebrate them. We host a variety of parties, celebrations, team outings, games


Being Dutch from birth, we embrace the best of it: inclusion, diversity, and respect for each other. We embody the culture of being open and frank. This means we are open to other’s opinions and feel comfortable bringing our thoughts and ideas to the table. The ‘get things done’ mentality is in our DNA. 

Work-life balance

We are on a challenging mission, but we strive to create a work-life balance for all our employees around the world.

Reviews voor Backbase

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    "Latest Technology, Freedom to explore, new tools, lots of POC's, Technical colleagues, great learning stuff"

    • Balans werk/privé
    • Cultuur en waarden
    • Carrièremogelijkheden
    • Loon en arbeidsvoorwaarden
    • Senior management
    Huidige werknemer - Senior QA Engineer in Amsterdam
    Huidige werknemer - Senior QA Engineer in Amsterdam
    Positief vooruitzicht
    Waardeert Directeur

    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij Backbase (Langer dan een jaar)


    1. Latest Hot Technology - Java spring and all
    2. Freedom to explore new tools and technology.
    3. Security mindset while developing applications
    4. Lots of POC's to reach to better approach
    5. Technical colleagues helps each other
    6. great learning stuff
    7. Trainings internal and external
    8. Community and connect - lots of exposure
    9. Great Documentations
    10. Collaboration among colleagues and departments
    11. Fast process to deliver
    12. Lots of opportunity to use and implement different test frameworks.


    1. Amsterdam office location is better if you use public transport or live closely, not good to drive, very expensive parking.
    2. Lots of changes happens which can be difficult for some people who are not flexible.

    Advies aan management

    More and More collaboration among teams will bring better results in Future.

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Sollicitatiegesprekken van Backbase



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Sollicitatiegesprek gekregen via




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    Sollicitatiegesprek voor de functie Marketing Manager

    Kandidaat voor anonieme sollicitatie in Amsterdam
    Geen aanbod
    Negatieve ervaring
    Gemiddeld sollicitatiegesprek


    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Backbase (Amsterdam) in mei 2020.


    I was invited for an introduction interview about a month after submitting my application. Funnily enough, the intro interview took place less than 48hrs later via video call. It was a rather pleasant conversation. The interviewer put me at ease and made sure the interview was truly conversational. It ended with the interviewer saying "I hope to know more by the end of the week." I did not hear back from them by the end of that week or by the end of the following week. I followed up with the interviewer several times. No response whatsoever. I never heard back from Backbase after my interview.

    No follow-up after actually having been interviewed? Definitely a first for me. Completely ignoring several follow-up emails sent on my part? Again, new territory for me.

    I too invested time, effort and energy into applying and interviewing. I find it rude, disrespectful of my time, and quite honestly, unprofessional.


    • I was asked about my motivation (why I had applied to Backbase and this role specifically), I was asked to provide examples to illustrate how I put specific marketing skills/competences into practice and such.   1 antwoord
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Backbase Awards en onderscheidingen

  • Best of Show, Finovate Europe, 2014
  • Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Experience Portals, Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2014
  • Visionary, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, 2014
  • Best of Show Award, Finovate, 2016
  • Loey Award, Endeit Capital en Peak Capital, 2017
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