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201 tot 500 werknemers
Computerhardware en -software
€ 50 - € 100 miljoen (EUR) per jaar
Bynder is online software that helps companies automate their branding. Think a toolkit for day-to-day tasks like creating marketing materials, storing them and managing projects.

Missie: Bynder's mission is to continue being a “one-stop-shop” for all marketing-related tasks that a company may have. We want to be the one tool no marketing department can manage to be without. We aim to achieve this by continuing to envision ... Meer lezen

Bynder – Waarom bij ons werken?

Bynder is the fastest way to professionally manage digital files. Teams get on the same page for real-time collaborative edits and approvals, easy file sharing and storage, auto-formatting for channels and file types - it provides one central hub for all company materials and messaging. With company creative at your fingertips, your next big idea is a click away.

Founded in 2013 by CEO Chris Hall, Bynder is established globally with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices across the Netherlands, UK, US, Spain and UAE.

Working at Bynder
At the heart of your career

We, Byndies, are passionate, innovative and never stand still. We aim for the impossible, challenge the status quo and enjoy endless growth opportunities every single day. Everyday we give our best and experience how our branding automation solution conquers the world and powers over 300 brands across the globe.

What makes us who we are

We treat every Byndie as an individual - a unique personality with an invaluable contribution to our ultimate goal - to get Bynder at the heart of every brand. Although we are all different, we still have a lot in common. Let's have a closer look at what makes us who we are and why we rock!


We are an international team of diverse professionals, we are not only coworkers but also friends who enjoy after work drink or dinner. We thrive on positivity and openness and we appreciate the individuality of each Byndie.


We grow fast and constantly evolve; not just our product but as an organisation as well. We are are proud to have received Deloitte Technology Fast50 Rising Star Award and be ranked as one the #3 Top Dutch tech companies.


We never forget that Bynder was built on the creativity of every single one of us. We always give space to test, improve, and truly implement our ideas. We enjoy even more freedom with our unlimited vacation policy.

We care about well-being of each single Byndie on our team

We know that all of us have lives beyond the office and we want to be sure that we enjoy them to the fullest. We offer competitive salaries, excellent work life balance, healthy food, snacks and drinks, great workplaces and endless fun with colleagues. Check out our exclusive perks!

Unlimited vacation policy

Each of us is a bit of a traveler inside. With our unlimited vacation policy world has never been closer. We are enjoying this benefit as the first Dutch company. Well, have we already mentioned that we are innovative?

Free in-office lunch everyday and fresh fruit

We offer in-house lunch in our office, enjoy coffee, tea, ice cream and great selection of fresh fruit. We never need to go too far to if we want to grab a snack or a refreshment, fridge at Bynder is always full.


Back-to-back meetings causing stress? Anyone feel stiff or mention anything about being tired? We have a solution for that. We have regular massages for all hard working Byndies.

Cutting edge technology

We all work with the latest technology and we are one of the fastest growing and the most innovative tech companies. But that's not all, we power each Byndie with Apple laptop also for personal use.

We know how to have fun

When we don't work, you can find us playing table football, pool, game consoles, skateboarding or we simply enjoying Friday afternoon drinks with the team. It is never too boring.

And most of all, our offices are just awesome

All our offices are equipped with a top notch technology, have one of a kind vibe and are in the very center of the city within only a stone throw of the most famous cultural monuments.

Reviews voor Bynder

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    "Fantastic vibes and growth is the standard within Bynder."

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    Huidige werknemer - Business Development Director in Amsterdam
    Huidige werknemer - Business Development Director in Amsterdam
    Positief vooruitzicht
    Waardeert Directeur

    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij Bynder (Langer dan 5 jaar)


    Life at Bynder is a true rollercoaster as we are proud dutch innovative tech disrupters of the market since 5 years. The journey at 6 locations happens with a highly skilled team of (young) people that are all facing the fantastic exponential growth of the company. As we are all working with passion and a feeling of Bynder love, it actually really hurts when I see the bad reviews and I felt it was my duty to express my feeling of working at Bynder the last 5 years. Also I find the remarks a full attack on the hard work of a lot of my fellow colleagues which try to cope the exciting fast growth of Bynder with a smile and hard work. After 5 years of working at Bynder and knowing most of crew I can say that 99% of the team is positive and makes their own happiness within Bynder by grabbing all the opportunities that everybody can shape themselves and are motivated to create these at all times. The examples of young talented professionals and interns that are making a senior position in an incredible short time is amazing. I have not seen this unique situation before in my 20 years of experience in the tech scene. I wondered why I and so many others can't relate to the amount of negative reviews that are ventilated on Glassdoor. I realise that colleagues who see young members making big jumps, working autonomous on their own projects and claiming and shaping their own succes could be intimidating. I'm proud of my fellow Byndies that have created senior positions by their own manifesting power and that's the main spirit that I feel and have felt the last couple of years. We should be proud of them instead of jealousy. Senior positions have changed, people have left and many top talents have also arrived. Change is inevitable but to complain about the fact that you have not given the opportunity to climb the tree is 100% not true and hurtful to the truth as it doesn't give credits to the path and spirit of the many young & old talented Byndies that are the corner stones of the Bynder Love world wide. Many interns that were part of my team grew to tech savvy employees with high ambitions and great positive vibrations to all the offices worldwide. They have been adopted to several other teams and are accelerating within Bynder on a professional and personal note.


    Make the best of your life and live now as it's the only time that matters. On that note I find it sad that people who don't feel at home in a fast pace IT company of great minds and souls are not leaving Bynder but instead complain about a life that doesn't manifest for them by itself. Everybody has the ability to change their situation by a personal shift towards positive thinking or leaving to another challenge that does fit more to the individual needs. Why are always the small amount of haters that get most of the attention in the media or even on a social media platform like Glassdoor? Normally I would not express a review as I don't feel it's needed but with the reviews that have been shared......it's vital for the entire workforce to be honest about it.

    Advies aan management

    Keep on pursuing the fantastic exponential growth of Bynder by keeping the Bynder culture alive that made us so strong. Try to focus on all the good things while adopting adjustments for the near future. Keep on believing in the Bynder heart that is continuously shaped by the entire workforce. There is so much appreciation throughout the company for the senior management and the board of directors. This has not been addressed yet by the 99% believers and hard working Byndies so this review is to balance the overall feeling within Bynder. As I have always felt the shared obligation and responsibility of sharing the strong Bynder love I can feel relieved to put this review on the table.

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Sollicitatiegesprekken van Bynder



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Sollicitatiegesprek gekregen via





    Geaccepteerd aanbod
    Positieve ervaring
    Gemiddeld sollicitatiegesprek


    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde meer dan een week. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Bynder (Amsterdam) in maart 2017.


    Op donderdag had ik online op de vacature gereageerd en vrijdag werd ik al door iemand van Bynder gebeld om te vragen of ik binnenkort tijd had voor een sollicitatie gesprek, zeer snel dus.

    De week daarop het eerste face-to-face gesprek gehad met een aantal leden van het team waarin ik terecht zou komen. Er kwamen wat vragen voorbij over mijn ervaring bij bedrijven waarvoor ik in het verleden heb gewerkt, en om te kijken of ik binnen het team zou passen.

    Vervolgens heb ik een test moeten doen die meer naar mijn vaardigheden keek, na het maken van deze test heb ik nog een gesprek gehad met degene die deze test heeft nagekeken.

    Als laatste gesprek hebben we het over de voorwaarden en compensatie gehad, al met al een goede en professionele procedure.


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Bynder Awards en onderscheidingen

  • Fast50 Rising Star Award, Deloitte, 2015
  • Tech5 Netherlands top 5 finalist, The Next Web, 2015
  • Top Workplaces, Bay Area News Group, 2016
  • Top Workplaces, Bay Area News Group, 2017
  • Top Workplaces, Bay Area News Group, 2018
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