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CD PROJEKT RED Managing Director Adam Badowski
Adam Badowski
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    "Blood, sweat, tears and video games."

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    Huidige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer in Warschau (Polen)
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    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij CD PROJEKT RED (Langer dan een jaar)


    +Great, talented and hard-working people from all over the world.

    + Good for CV, people outside of industry are impressed to hear of someone working there.

    + Good pay for locals. Ex-pats get some bonuses to match western paychecks.

    + Cheery atmosphere on the work floors, people bringing snacks from trips, jokes etc. Active off-topic channels.

    + Free Gym, with a qualified trainer and a Multi-Sport card if someone wants to go swimming etc. to other places in the city.

    + Multiple lunch options: Sandwiches in the morning, breakfasts, vending machines, We have a vegan canteen and a REGULAR one just next to it. Food trucks on daily rotation if someone wants something different. No one goes hungry in CDP building.

    + Very cool parties organized by HR.

    + 20-26 paid leave days...


    - ...but often trouble to find time for vacation.

    - Crunches for years. People staying for 10-12h/day and coming in on weekends, just so they can meet the required dates. And that's not during approved crunch.
    During "real" crunches some people tend to stay till 2 or 4 am, then show up next morning to do the same. After some time, the project is redesigned and a lot of effort goes into the bin, while new deadlines and design decisions make people shake their heads.
    Might be good for the game, but holy crap - where's the prototypes and preproduction?

    - Lack of decisions. Often we show multiple approaches, get some critique and go back to the drawing board without clear direction.
    Sometimes the critique is: "Make it cooler" or "Oh, I like this idea, can we implement this as a new system".
    People are scared to be creative, as someone from the management might see a feature and wish it to be implemented into the game, without giving more time to do so.

    - Lack of pro-active HR. You really have to have a breakdown or turn into a fish for someone to notice and set up a quick meeting. Promises of keeping an eye out are just promises.

    - Multiple leads changes in a short time.

    - As Seniors and Leads disappear, plan is to replace them with 2-3 Juniors, expecting them to do the same job. Can't really complain as i suspect that's how i got in, thrown into deep water [good exercise though].

    Advies aan management

    Have a vision. One vision. At least when deep into production.

    If you hire people for their specialties, let them do just that. Trust your Seniors. I know we all want to make the best possible games, but throwing away hundreds of hours of work while setting milestones every 2 weeks leaves the work folk angry and tired.

    Why are people who worked with the upper floors coming back either resigned and sad, or not coming back at all?
    Can't say i had any first hand experience, but seeing close co-workers so miserable at times really hurts.

    We're all just people, and seeing that "the way it works now gives results, so no need to change" isn't healthy.
    Soon no-one will want to work there. We make great games, but at a greater cost.

    Pyramids are beautiful to look at, a real monument of what can humans achieve when working together, but no one wants to take part in building them, right?

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CD PROJEKT RED-foto van: Home of Rebels
CD PROJEKT RED-foto van: Home of Rebels
CD PROJEKT RED-foto van: Home of Rebels
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