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Niagara Falls, ON (Canada)
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    "A Disgusting Company To Work For"

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    So many job responsibilities (including those outside your job description) provides an excellent foundation for that resume you will build when you have had enough of working here.


    I am embarassed to say that at one point in time, I was excited to work for this company. The company was hiring for so many positions, that I mistook turnover for growth. During my time working for this company, I watched at least 75 people quit. For a company that averages at about 100 employees, that is pretty disappointing to say the least.

    Before finding out the company was splitting (as mentioned in many other reviews), the work environment was toxic to say the least. Many people feared for their jobs as the management team only focused on the negative aspects of a job instead of the positives. I can honestly say I spent more time proving to management that I was doing my job, than actually doing my job. If something went wrong I would have to do everything in my power to prove my innocence.
     I kept every email and every note I ever took in the event that the Managing Director asked a question about a conversation that happened years ago. The Managing Directors never got along and this resulted in lots of unnecessary drama. Each manager had their own process that clashed with the other, resulting in ridiculous amounts of stress on the employees.

    On top of all this, employees were often pressured to do after hours training. For a company that claims to support work/life balance, you completely miss the mark. I was questioned about what in my life could be more important than training (FAMILY comes to mind). This is such a common thing experienced by employees to the point that it IS ACTUALLY A QUESTION ON THE EXIT INTERVIEW SURVEY. But don't bother voicing your opinion about such things, it won't mean much to management. There were numerous brainstorming sessions that took place with very litte actually coming out of it.

    Fast forward to May of this year, we were told the company was splitting and nobody was losing their jobs. We then watched as employees returned from the meeting with their manager to find out that was a lie. One Managing Director lied to the entire company, and told them they would all be keeping their jobs. The other Managing Director said NOTHING to contradict this, and just waited for people to find out the hard way. At the end of the day, people lost their jobs and their livelyhood because two brothers fight like school children on the playground.

    The environment became disgusting. People were unnecessarily rude to those leaving, and management did nothing about it. Since then, employees have been rediculously stressed to make the changes required to go through with the split. I am embarassed to say I ever worked with this company and would never even recommend this place to my worst enemy.

    Advies aan management

    It would be a waste of breath to provide advice to a management team who refuses to listen.

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