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Vaughan, ON (Canada)
51 tot 200 werknemers
Productie elektrische en elektronische apparatuur
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CDI Computer Dealers, Advanced Skyline Technology, Samtack

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Neil Shaul
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    "Horrible, Unethical, and Shameful Employer"

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    Ik heb een voltijdbaan gehad bij Comsale Computer


    Co-workers and Colleagues. Some of the Supervisors are great to work with.


    * Cockroach infested Coffee.

    * Quantity over Quality mentality.

    * Company unstructured, management and HR are a joke.

    * Poor Benefits that don't cover physiotherapy, chiropractic, or vision care.

    * Cuts to jobs being made across all departments, just to save the company some money for all the money lost refunding consumers in full for poorly refurbished PC units sold.

    * Over worked, over stressed, undervalued and underpaid employees.

    * Tight airport like security where you're forced to take off your shoes, put your cell phone in your locker, empty out all your pockets, and send everything through an X-ray machine to be collected at the end of the line at the start and end of every work day. (Men also need to take off their belts before walking through the stupid metal detector). Can't even walk into the warehouse to begin work, without stupid security letting you in through the door with his programmed key fob.

    * Stupid enforced No Cellphone in Lunchroom rule where management dodges any explicable reason for why such a rule was enforced, when no prior rule was ever in place before.

    * Brother eye in the sky presence in every nook, corner, and cranny of the warehouse, where a paranoid and untrusting CEO watches every move his employees make from his cubby hole on a monitor set up in his office.

    Advies aan management

    Advice to CEO: Stop treating your employees like numbers instead of individuals. Stop undervaluing and underpaying your employees, and offer better pay and raise for skills, experience, and assets that your workers bring to the table because their worth is much more than you are willing to pay them.

    You want to grow the company and move it forward, but you quickly forget about the people who work under you and for you that make it all possible. If it weren't for the hardworking people having to put up with your daily BS everyday, you
    wouldn't have a business to run.

    Also, when are you going to fix the lights in the lunchroom from turning off every five minutes during an employee's 30 minute lunch hour, so that they don't have to sit in complete darkness.

    Abandon the "No Cellphone in Lunchroom" rule. It's just utterly ridiculous nonsense, and there is no justifiable or explicable reason for you to even enforce such a rule, as this was never an issue to begin with prior to you having enforced

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