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Join us in our mission to help the world get well, help the world stay well, and help future generations be healthier. We hire smart and motivated people from all academic majors to code, test, and implement healthcare software that hundreds of millions of patients and doctors ...

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Judith R. Faulkner
Judith R. Faulkner
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"Overall positive experience"

25 jan. 2022 - Anonieme werknemer


The work environment is great and it is rewarding working alongside intelligent and capable individuals. The importance is being self motivated and knowing when to ask for help and escalate. You


Not necessarily negative -- it is a lot of work so it is important to balance your work and self. If you find that it is too much, make sure to let your lead know so you can work on a resolution.
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We’ve had a sincere and open culture of inclusion since our founding. Working at Epic right now are people from more than 60 countries (and many more cultures). Healthcare is global – and building the best ideas from around the world into our software is a point of pride. We have always welcomed staff of all ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We foster a supportive environment that gives folks the opportunity to find and connect with others of diverse backgrounds. Epic culture encourages a respectful workplace, where all employees treat one another with dignity and respect, regardless of background. We are an equal opportunity employer and practice affirma

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  1. Sollicitatiegesprek voor de functie Project Manager

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    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Epic (Verenigde Staten)


    Phone screen (30 mins) > online test (3 hours) > final interview (3 hours)

    You can find all the questions you need to succeed by looking through Glassdoor. I scraped through hundreds of the interviews here and no question I was asked wasn't here, so study up and prep your answers.

    Phone screen is easy, but the test was honestly really difficult and determines your fate. Lots of logic, pseudo-coding, math, and English grammar skills.

    The final day is a few rounds but at this point, maybe half will get an offer (software demo, PM role overview, case study, presentation, wrap-up with recruiter). Come prepared, speak about something you know well for your presentation, and you'll be fine.

    General * Tell me about yourself. * Name 5 things you are not. * What are traits you think make a successful leader? * What is the most interesting thing you ever did? * Are you more of a big picture or details person? * What would you bring to this job that you feel others may not? * What is the best advice you would give to yourself five years ago? * If I spoke with your references, what would they tell me about you? * Describe your ideal supervisor. * How much do you participate in meetings percentage wise? * What is a misconception people have about you? * What is the most important trait in order to be successful? About Epic * Why Epic? * Where do you see healthcare in the next 20 years? * If given multiple job offers, what would be the determining factor in your choice? Work Experience * Tell us about a situation in which you took charge of a team. * Think of a time when you were in-charge and the decision you made turned out to be the wrong decision. How did you handle it? * Describe a time when you may have encountered a difficult situation and the steps you took to ensure resolution. * What type of projects have you done? * What was the most difficult project you had to complete? * Give an example of a time you showed initiative? * What is an example of a problem you solved? * Tell me about a time you were criticized. How did you work on this? Hypothetical Situations * Scenario: There is a decision to be made for a client in which there are four team members and one team leader. Everyone has the same experience and seniority. All four team members think that one action should be taken, and the team leader wants to do something else. The team members believe that what the leader wants to do will waste time and money for the client. * Two situations: one where you are the team leader and one where you are one of the four others. What do you do as each in this scenario? * Scenario: You have a go-live in a week but the physicians are not getting the advanced features they want and are threatening to quit if they do not get these advanced features. How do you solve the problem? * Scenario: How would you handle a situation where a client is about to Go Live with the product and tells you there is another hospital that the software is not created or tested for and hospital personnel are not trained? * How would you handle a conflict or disagreement with somebody on your team? * What would you do in a situation where you are a leader and you make a decision your team doesn't agree with? * What would you do if you disagree with your leader's decision? * If there was someone on your team who was chronically underperforming, how would you handle it? * You're in a group with three other employees, and you think you should solve a problem a certain way, but the three other group members think that the problem should be solved another way. You're certain you're correct. How do you proceed? * What would you do if a customer expressed a problem with one of your team members? * Would you rather speak in front of 30 strangers, 6 colleagues you know kind of well, or 1 person of authority? Why? * Which of the following would be the most difficult to present to: the CEO of a company, a group of 5-8 people who are pretty educated on what you're about to present on, or a group of 50 that have no background knowledge on the information you're presenting?

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3 november 2022
More than 1,800 new staff joined Epic this summer, but Quinn (pictured below) has a very special connection to our history. Neither he nor anyone at Epic knew before he attended Corporate Philosophy. Quinn, we all learned, is the grandson of a woman named Francine (also pictured below). Almost everyone at Epic knows Francine on a first name basis. Seriously. If you’ve ever received an overview of Epic, you might too. In 2008, Francine was the first person to have her health information shared through Epic’s Care Everywhere, now the nation’s largest interoperability network. It’s what helps providers coordinate care across healthcare facilities. So, as Quinn learned that morning in Deep Space, Francine is a big deal around here. “They told me that my grandma loved the spotlight. She was very excited about her contribution to Epic—you can see it in her smile. It makes us very happy to know that her legacy lives on through a company like Epic.” It makes us happy too, Quinn 😊
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20 oktober 2022
A great program for kids got even better. You love to see it. For 20 years, Cleveland Clinic has supported Vision First: an outreach program that sends a van to 86 area elementary schools to offer free vision screenings, eye exams, referrals, and glasses. That van is now equipped with Epic, so the care that children receive fits into—and is informed by—their comprehensive patient stories. With internet- and Epic-equipped vans, the Vision First team can see each child’s health history during an exam, allowing them to diagnose new vision problems, follow up on care plans for existing vision problems, and even review non-vision-related info—like notes on physical and behavioral health—that can help them keep children comfortable during their exams. And of course, now that the optometrist’s exam notes are in each child’s electronic record, other providers that use any interoperable EHR can later access information from the visit.
Shared image - Vision on Wheels: Bringing Eye Exams to Elementary Schools
Vision on Wheels: Bringing Eye Exams to Elementary Schools

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  • 100% Score Disability Equality IndexThe Disability Equality Index (DEI)2022
  • RippleMatch Campus ForwardRipplematch2022

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