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    "Not recommended, especially on bad teams"

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    Voormalige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer in Warschau (Polen)
    Voormalige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer in Warschau (Polen)
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    Ik heb een voltijdbaan gehad bij GOG.com (Langer dan 3 jaar)


    - you can find some really nice people here
    - good looking office
    - vegan/vegetarian canteen is an ok thing
    - depending on the team (so if you're lucky) you can bring in own ideas and new technologies
    - some problems I had with the office/workplace were quickly resolved


    - a typical "sausage fest", women not welcomed to work with code
    - company have gifts for International Men's Day, but nothing for International Women's Day
    - oftentimes you can overhear intolerant conversations from Polish coworkers during lunch breaks/in corridors
    - solid professionals hired in management positions leave very soon, unable to bring much needed change
    - most superiors lack required skills, as they are promoted from lower positions based on years in company
    - CEOs are emotion-driven and thus treated fearfully and carefully by team leaders, even during important conversations
    - CEOs prefer to base the decisions on their hunch rather than listen to hired experienced professionals
    - there are bullies in most of the teams (team leaders included) - company prefers to silence the scandals and inactively force victims to quit
    - some problems I had with the important parts of the project were never resolved, even after reminding about them year after year
    - non transparent salaries
    - company lies about promotions - I was given a written promise about promotion in 6 months given I reach described goals; I reached these goals but didn't receive promotion
    - CEO gave me an apology about promotion lie and asked not to talk bad about company when I leave
    - company is unwilling to benefit from various non-position-related experiences and skills of many employees

    Advies aan management

    - hire professionals for management positions with real management skills
    - listen to your employees more
    - never pick the side of a bully
    - hire women
    - gather information about your users to make logical data-based decisions

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