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Boston, MA (Verenigde Staten)
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Detachering en outsourcing
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Accenture, PwC, McKinsey & Company

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    LABUR’s approach is truly relationship focused. We believe in being objective in helping both our clients and our candidates, and I don’t know that to be industry standard.

    When I reach out to consultants, it’s not to pitch them on a job but to better understand what they’re doing on the job; what are their career aspirations and how can I interpret those in such a way that I can be the best eyes and ears on the marketplace for them? I, and the rest of the team at LABUR, work hard to always keep their best interests in mind.

    We also never just work off of a job description. We take the time to understand the business challenges of our clients and work beyond matching bullet points on a job description to bullet points on a resume. I like to try to figure out, how has this person solved this challenge in another role, for another company? Nobody ever hits every bullet point of a project or a job description, so I look for transferable skills. This is the part of match making where I feel like we’re light-years beyond our competitors. Because what’s most important is what you’re going to be doing but also who you’re going to be doing it for, and we have a great list of client companies doing business with us.

    The biggest opportunity for us at LABUR is just to continue to grow. We have a good message and we’re well-received by the people who know us. Now, we just need to continue to get our name out there and continue to give people positive experiences when they work with us.

    Baked into our team is a lot of comradery and healthy competition, which also fosters a lot of collaboration and an environment where there’s always something new to learn. Everyone here wants to help each other out, because we all understand that if each of us are doing well individually then the company is doing well. One of the things I like most about LABUR and our team is the dedication to volunteerism. Our philanthropy is fun to be a part of and we have some pretty special partners that make giving back really meaningful.


    There are one to speak of.

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  • Fastest Growing Private Companies in America(#2705), Inc. Magazine, 2015
  • Pacesetters, Boston Business Journal, 2015
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