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501 tot 1000 werknemers
Beursgenoteerd bedrijf (NEDAP)
€ 100 - € 500 miljoen (EUR) per jaar
We are Nedap: a tech company with people knowledge. We provide job satisfaction and enjoyment at work. Our technology makes people more productive, and organizations more efficient. We help companies make better use of the talents and potential of their employees.


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Nedap – Waarom met ons werken?

What we consider important.

At Nedap, you get all the space you need, both literally and figuratively. But we also expect you to do something with it. We believe in the power of ideas and the energy of individual initiative. This is the foundation on which our whole organization is built.


The term “human activity” is taken very seriously. We invest heavily in people’s overall development, not just in their role as employees.


We believe in personal freedom and autonomy. There are no timesheets or holiday rosters here. You decide how your talent can best be unlocked.


We don’t tell you what to do. We expect you to take the lead in your own life and work. You know what you want to achieve, and how you can do it.

Are we going in the same direction?

Which way are you heading? At Nedap, we’re not so keen on fixed routes: we prefer to challenge you to shape your own future. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to make such a giant leap in your development in such a short time.

What are you going to change?

At Nedap, you have the opportunity to really change something in your life, and in the lives of other people. Rather than producing anonymous products, we develop solutions that ensure a more enjoyable and successful work environment for everyone.

There’s room to grow, always!

At Nedap, we invest heavily in the development of talent. We help you accomplish your ideas and ambitions, and we challenge you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. There is room to grow. Always.

Initiative is central to the culture of our organization. There are no strict plans, central agendas or direct management here. You’re given all the space you need to get the best out of yourself and your environment.

Are you ready?

Do you enjoy coming up with solutions to practical problems? And do you enjoy working with others? If so, you’ll certainly feel at home in our organization. Discover all opportunities. 

Life at Nedap.

There are more than 700 people working at Nedap in various fields such as design, engineering, software development, finance, HRM, project management, marketing and sales. We work together on our fantastic campus in Groenlo in various business units and teams, and we share a common ambition. We aim to develop technology that helps people to be more productive and successful in their work.

Big and small at the same time.

What’s the scale? It doesn’t really matter to us how big an organization is. We work with the relevant people to resolve specific issues. Since we often do this in small, targeted teams, you may sometimes get the impression that you’re working with a small organization at Nedap. However, the extensive options and resources that you can find only in a large organization will always be available to you. So, we’re actually big and small at the same time.


As an engineer at Nedap you develop innovative solutions that ensure a more enjoyable and successful work environment for everyone.

We always work in groups to identify solutions to problems, preferably in small, effective teams. This means you may sometimes get the impression that you’re working in a small organisation at Nedap. However, the extensive options and resources that you can find only in a large organisation will always be available to you. So, we’re actually big and small at the same time. The best of both worlds.

View opportunities

Nedap is structured into various business units, each one active in its own market. We ensure that people are able to work with greater enjoyment and success in a wide range of sectors, from temporary work to security, from retail to livestock farming, and from industry to healthcare.

Learn more about our markets and business units.

Reviews voor Nedap

  • "Gaaf werk, veel mogelijkheden en veel ruimte voor jou als mens"

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    • Senior management
    Huidige werknemer - Software Developer in Groenlo
    Huidige werknemer - Software Developer in Groenlo
    Positief vooruitzicht
    Waardeert Directeur

    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij Nedap (Langer dan een jaar)


    Je krijgt veel verantwoordelijkheid als je dat wilt, en je krijgt op alle vlakken de ruimte om jezelf te ontwikkelen. De mens staat centraal, zowel als werknemer, als bij de producten die Nedap maakt.


    Groenlo is leuk, maar wel een uithoek van Nederland.

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Sollicitatiegesprekken van Nedap



Sollicitatiegesprek gekregen via

Sollicitatiegesprek gekregen via





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    Negatieve ervaring
    Eenvoudig sollicitatiegesprek


    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Nedap in januari 2017.


    Opbouw naar solliciatiegesprek was goed en professioneel. Online gesolliciteerd, telefonisch het gesprek geplant.

    Tijdens gesprek zelf moesten we helaas de ruimte verlaten omdat deze door iemand anders in de organisatie gereserveerd was, de rest werd openbaar in de bedrijfskantine gevoerd.

    Er werd gesproken over de bedrijfscultuur, over verwachtingen en hoe ik verwacht om te gaan met situaties die zouden voorkomen tijdens het werk en mijn ervaringen met andere culturen vanwege de internationale aard van de positie. De interviewer was tijdens het gesprek professioneel en makkelijk in de omgang.

    Vervolgens nooit meer iets van gehoord. Dat is niet een acceptabele manier om om te gaan met sollicitanten die vrij nemen en de moeite nemen om naar de locatie af te reizen.


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Nedap Awards en onderscheidingen

  • TOP 30 R&D bedrijven, Technisch Weekblad, 2019

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