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  • www.nedap.com
  • Groenlo, Nederland
  • 501 tot 1000 werknemers
  • 1929
  • Beursgenoteerd bedrijf (NEDAP)
  • IT-services
  • 100-500 miljoen USD


We are Nedap: a tech company with people knowledge. We provide job satisfaction and enjoyment at work. Our technology makes people more productive, and organizations more efficient. We help companies make better use of the talents and potential of their employees.
Missie: People and organisations do not benefit merely by having more. More input, more messages and more incentives also demand more mental energy. Being successful means staying focused. Our technology enables an overview of complex situations. The simplicity and clarity of our ...

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Waardeert directeur
Ruben M. Wegman
Ruben M. Wegman
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"Werkcultuur Nedap N.V."

Sep 30, 2020 - Business Development Manager in Arnhem
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Open cultuur en platte organisatie


Doordat het een platte organisatie is wellicht minimale doorgroeimogelijkheden.
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Online gesolliciteerd57%

  1. Sollicitatiegesprek voor de functie International Sales Manager

    Anonieme werknemer in Amsterdam
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    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 3 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Nedap (Amsterdam) in Sep 2021


    5 Stages: There was an introductory 30 interview with HR, then a 90 minute online psycho metric test, then an hour with the hiring manager, then another 90 minutes with the hiring manager together with the group manager. Then theres a meeting face to face.

    - Do you seek feedback from your colleagues to improve professionally? - Do you self evaluate what went wrong after losing a client or deal? and was met with challenges such as, - We take the recruitment process of this role very seriously as it will impact on the wider group hitting targets. - we want people who constantly strive to self-improve.

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June 30, 2021
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During the final year of her PhD, Eline Verbon realized she did not want to continue being a scientist. She wanted to do more than study a tiny fraction of this world on her own. With a clear vision, she set out to find a new opportunity and stumbled upon Nedap University in 2018. 1,5 years later, Eline graduated from our software development program and has been contributing to an even ​more enjoyable world as a software developer at Nedap Livestock Management ever since.
Shared image - Blog: From science to software development
Blog: From science to software development
December 2, 2020
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The secret to happiness at work is freedom. The freedom to work when you want – and how you want. When to code. When to caffeinate. When to take off on holiday. And when to take off in your career. At Nedap, we give the freedom to be you. How? Skip the recruiter and talk to a developer.
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Talk to a Developer at Nedap

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