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  1. Sollicitatiegesprek voor de functie Senior Java Software Engineer

    Anonieme werknemer in Gdansk
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    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 5 dagen. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Twill Platform (Gdansk) in mrt. 2022


    Overall I was invited on recruiter interview for a discussion. Interview gone pretty well without a signifiant issues.

    However, I was rejected after this and when I have asked about the reason I got an explanation that apart of the fact that I have an experience in R&D and product companies as well as outsource I do not know how to do things right and apart of this know how to do them for client fast. What is completely not true. They just didn't even try to hear an answers on their questions where was an explanation about previous experience in R&D and product startup team. I stated that the reason of my job change is a lack of Technical Leadership and product Engineering at my current job. No, it was just ignored.

    Additionally from starting point it was decided that I am a mid level instead of Senior just because I am specialize in Java and even vacancy was for Senior Java Software Engineer and requirements were for Java. What said recruiter – "We are giving Senior title to people from Amazon, Google, Meta etc. just because they are from there and have touched other programming languages."

    Hearing this answer I would like to emphasise regarding an incorrectness of recruitment process starting from vacancy ending with recruiter interview. If it is expected to know 20+ programming languages then no sense to create a vacancy for Java and Java stack. Even more with such an attitude when they move forward people for Java who know 10+ programming languages there is a high change that these people will not know Java and Java stack on the level required to do an Engineering work on this language.

    Additionally what I really disliked was the fact that it was expected from me to know about Twill even before an interview. And it was mentioned me this as the reason as well. They just didn't assume that candidates are going for a different interviews and not only Twill is a place where resume was dropped. It is just physically impossible to read about company before interview. They should be aware that Senior people have a full-time job and responsibilities there as well as 15+ application places where interview happens. So most of the times it is physically impossible to read about the company before.

    Conclusion: I was rejected without even Technical interview and without a technical abilities check just on assumptions after a recruiter interview. This shows a poor hiring process.

    * What is a motivation of a job change? * What are your salary expectations?

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