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  • Chicago, IL
  • 10000+ medewerkers
  • 1926
  • Beursgenoteerd bedrijf (UAL)
  • Luchthavens, luchtvaartmaatschappijen en -diensten
  • Meer dan 10 miljard USD

ConcurrentenAmerican Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines
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We're connecting people and uniting the world. We've paired the world's most comprehensive route network with our modern fleet, the most fuel-efficient among U.S. network carriers (when adjusted for cabin size). We have seven US hub locations, including hubs in the four largest ...

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Scott Kirby
Scott Kirby
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"Great employer with lots of benefits"

14 mrt. 2022 - Anonieme werknemer
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great benefits such as health insurance, travel benefits, bonus 2x year


very limited career growth opportunities if you are not based in US
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  1. Sollicitatiegesprek voor de functie Flight Attendant

    Anonieme werknemer in Houston, TX
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    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij United Airlines (Houston, TX)


    Walk into building, check in with FA in lobby to receive your name tag and show ID. Afterwards you are escorted to elevator to meet with other candidates on 12th floor in conference room. About an hour presentation about the company and position of a FA. Ask a question to show interest and engagement and SMILE the entire time with an open mouth displaying your teeth. That’s what one of the recruiters stated as they came in after the presentation was finished. Recruiters introduce themselves and call your name to divide you into groups for group activity. Now they have put a face to your name after receiving the “work ID” for the group activity. There’s already a system in place of why you are in that specific group.. Group activity was setting up the beverage cart for in flight service. You are being judged as to how you interact and if you are still smiling. After this exercise their decision is pretty much made on who they “put their money on” to succeed given they give the right answers, show confidence with a smile during the 1:1 interview. You will be called one by one for your chance to interview after the group activity, my guess is the first 5 who are called have a chance to proceed. Remember their decision is made by the time you finish the activity, they still have to continue with interviews and do “petty interviews” for the ones that don’t fit their criteria. Interview was “easy”, STAR format and every question they could possibly ask is listed here somewhere. Recruiters seemed fake and not genuine, one was dressed professionally. If you get your CJO it’s the day of interview and NOT by email as they claim. If you are escorted to the elevator after your interview that’s where your journey ends.

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Werknemers beoordelen United Airlines met 4,1 van de 5 sterren op basis van 5.508 anonieme reviews op Glassdoor.

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