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  • Berlijn, Duitsland
  • 10000+ medewerkers
  • 2008
  • Beursgenoteerd bedrijf
  • Internet
  • 5-10 miljard USD

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Growing from a pioneer in e-commerce to an integrated fashion platform with 38 million active customers within just over than 10 years, we’ve learned that openness and trust are more powerful than a controlling approach. With a strong workforce of around 14,000 employees of ...

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Robert Gentz
Robert Gentz
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Verbeter de communicatieve vaardigheden.

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fijne werkomgeving


Soms moest ik te lang na de reguliere werkuren op kantoor blijven, maar dat was prima zolang ik daardoor de opdracht kon afmaken.

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Een er vriendelijke en begripvolle baas.
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At Zalando, we strive to be a diverse and inclusive company because we are convinced that it will make us a more successful business in the long term. Embracing diversity and inclusivity will allow us to understand the broad and diverse customer base that we serve in a fuller, more holistic way.

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  1. Sollicitatiegesprek voor de functie Senior Software Engineer

    Anonieme werknemer in Helsinki, Zuid-Finland
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    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Zalando (Helsinki, Zuid-Finland)


    Interviewed for Zalando Helsinki. First, there was very tedious long-lasting process of preliminary interviews. First one or two interviews took multiple weeks to organize. Why hire all the HR/recruiter people if they are absent/busy for weeks. Can’t Zalando afford to hire more then? 🤷‍♂️
    Afterwards there was the interview with one of the technical leads. The person seriously tried to convince me that writing automated tests is not always a good idea and in some cases they are a nuisance and they interfere with the development process. :) Really? Then we had some small disagreement about weather (or climate in Helsinki, to be precise; seriously, I’m not making that up) and some feeling of tension was in the air since that.
    After the interview as a feedback I was told that as a lead (I came from a position of a tech lead in a startup) I was expected to be doing more architectural work and planning and not hands-on coding. Really, in a startup with less than 4 developers frantically trying to put out the MVP, I should have spent more time on architecture?
    Did Zalando need developers? Why reject based on weather preferences then? Why reject developers with more than a decade of experience at all?
    Overall the process was not that nice either. There was no office tour, not too much friendliness, etc.

    How did your typical day in a previous position look like?

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  • Zalando Outlet Cologne wins German Design AwardGerman Design Awards2018
  • Best Companies to Work For in FashionBusiness of Fashion2017

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