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Bijgewerkt op 30 sep. 2023

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Siemens President and CEO Roland Busch
89% Waardeert directeur

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Waardeert directeur
Siemens President and CEO Roland Busch
Roland Busch
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    1. 4,0
      23 sep. 2023
      Field Service Engineer
      Huidige werknemer, meer dan 8 jaar
      Manchester, Engeland
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      The company has a good ethos and lots of good people working there with long service. They are very supportive of family issues and allow you time without pressure when you need to take time off for family which goes a long way! Siemens is also flexible to home life. There is opportunities to attend interesting events and training is quite good too. If you want to have a good balanced lifestyle and good working relationship and the money isn't the most important Siemens is fantastic and I definitely recommend.


      Siemens is middle of the road in terms of pay, which is generally fine and the perks of the company would make up for that. The issue is, the pay feels very secretive and there doesn't seem to be any set banding for pay within a certain role. This could be good as to not limit you but in practice it means nobody knows what they are aiming for or has any comparison. It feels difficult to be paid fairly and hard work is not recognised in renumeration. I feel it's, 'just enough to keep you'. At least if there was a band for each role there would be something to aim for and it could be quantitative with performance. The performance review system is also supposed to be an open discussion and make you feel inspired for the next year, but regardless of how well you do, it doesn't make much difference to salary and generally has the opposite effect of inspiring you. It doesn't take long to bounce back generally, as said company ethos is good and picks you up.

      1. 3,0
        28 sep. 2023
        Account Executive
        Voormalige werknemer
        Cincinnati, OH
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        Very Little Micromanagement. Benefits are Great. Training is the best ive been a part of.


        Large company with many layers. Making changes that will help your day-to-day business is near impossible. Local Management has little to no power .

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