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    Ik heb voltijdgewerkt bij Edinburgh Napier University voor meer dan 5 jaar


    Colleagues were generally nice and tried to give students a good experience despite bad management decisions.


    Unfortunately, a change of principle lead to a general bad approach to university leadership and planning with even good ideas turning bad as they were then badly implemented. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in higher positions they really should not be in, but promotion is often whether you are liked by the management higher up or not. As an example, a voluntary redundancy which was supposed to target a few staff and would have worked if targeted at the top and middle heavy grades, turned into more lower end administration and lecturers leaving, halving the administration team in my area, while keeping the same amount of managers. At least one of those managers should have been let go for not being able to actually manage, but the management team should have been halved too. And this is the major problem, they have the same amount of managers and a now much bigger HR, with less, lower grade staff to manage. Management is top heavy and too wide, but to cope with this they generally got rid of staff at the lower end. It does not take a genius to work out that less staff can do less work and the lower grades do more work than higher grades - ie you could employ roughly 2 grade 3s (admin) for the same as a grade 5(lowest management grade), but the 2 grade 3s would be able to do 2 times the amount of work. It gets worse the higher grade you keep. So they have a lower staffing numbers, but the costs for this amount of staff have not lowered by a large amount. This has not changed since I left and staffing levels are still not correct and hurting the performance of this university All this has lead to the university crashing in the league tables, but as usual, higher management is taking the high pay and denying responsibility.

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    Resign before you damage this university beyond repair, as you have had long enough to realise your mistakes, but you have not.

    Edinburgh Napier University2018-12-17
  1. "MBA Student"

    Huidige werknemer - MBA Student in Edinburgh, Schotland

    Ik werk voltijd bij Edinburgh Napier University voor meer dan een jaar


    Good facilities, friendly staffs, good designed-course


    Some administration tasks from Finance team are slow

    Edinburgh Napier University2019-11-11
  2. "Edinburgh Napier University Review Headline"

    Voormalige werknemer - Student 

    Ik heb voltijd gewerkt bij Edinburgh Napier University


    Great environment with respectful personnel and amazing resources for students


    Can't find something negative to say

    Edinburgh Napier University2019-09-12

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