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    "Low pay, few benefits, no career growth"

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    Ik heb voltijdgewerkt bij NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory voor meer dan 5 jaar


    People are passionate and very intelligent. 9/80 schedule is great.


    Some inflated egos, incompetent people remain here forever because it’s a cushy gig with a respected name, which leads to problems with career growth (there is no where to grow to if no one ever leaves) and with innovation (clashes with the new classes of employees and new ideas aka asks for completely normal modern processes, tools, and etc. ). Pay is not competitive. Treatment of non-engineering staff is very poor. They really do not value non-engineering much at all. This includes science. Very little lateral movement for anyone interested in exploring new areas of lab. Not a diverse workforce. The same bad ideas just reverberate.

    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory2019-04-27
  1. "The Place to Be for Deep Space"

    Voormalige stagiair(e) - Junior Software Developer in Pasadena, CA
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    Ik heb korter dan een jaar als bij NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory gewerkt


    Exceptionally driven and talented coworkers Management open to critique Cross-training opportunities


    Occasional long hours Pay could be better

    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory2020-02-13
  2. "Great"

    Voormalige werknemer - Data Scientist 

    Ik heb voltijd gewerkt bij NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


    One of a kind great place to work


    Can be too much red tape

    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory2020-02-03

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