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-Chicago, IL

United Airlines

"Sell me this pen". The VP handed me his pen and asked me to sell it to him.


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Ask what they see in a pen. If he remembers the last pen he used, and what price he would put on a pen he uses for signing big important contracts. As soon as he names a price... sold

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I would suggest it was a very special pen used by a very important person and it won’t come up for sale again

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this pen has an option for lifetime ink cartridge's. So if you buy the bundle with lifetime cartridges You will never need another pen again. I f you buy 50 pens the 1st pen is at no charge. these would be great for advertising purposes. We can engrave each pen with your company information on it. this promotion ends this week. How many would you like?

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Me: How can I sell you something you already own? VP: It's your pen now - sell it to me. Me: My pen? Right?" VP: Yes, sell it to me. Me: You're sure about this being my pen? VP: That's what I said. Me: It's not for sale. VP: What do you mean? Me: I'll get a better price from someone who wants the pen. Trying to sell a product to a person who is giving the same item away for free is like trying to sell sand at the beach. VP: OK, I get it - now can I have my pen back? Me: I don't have your pen. But as luck would have it I do have one for sale.

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He wanted a better prices, so I told him that if he bought 5 he'd get a better price. I got the job.

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