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Provo City
Er werd een 911 Dispatcher gevraagd...21 januari 2016

How would you handle a phone call where someone is loudly using profane language and is hard to understand?

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I would remain calm, but firm and ask the person to be more clear so that I could send the help that they needed as quickly as possible. Minder

Patiently, calmly, clearly and with precise direction

Calmly, patiently, sense of urgency, precise distinct directions, keeping them calm and gathering pertinent information until police or ambulance rescue arrives; then direct them to a crises number if they need further assistance. Minder

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Lafayette Police Department - Indiana

Why do you want this job?

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I made something up about every day being different. Saying you want to use this job as a stepping stone to something else in law enforcement will make them pause before hiring you, since the turnover rate is so high as it is. They frown upon people trying to use them to further their career in a different department or with a another agency. Minder

Because I've done this for 40 years. I

Because it's what I know and am proficient at doing.

York County, VA

How would you handle a call you took for an emergency dealing with a family member?

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Take call calmly and precess all information once I complete my work.then will inform my supervisor is someone related to me Minder

Take the call calmly and process all information, once my work is complete, try to contact that family member, and advised supervisor that it is someone in relation to you. Minder

City of McKinney

You have a mother calling that her infant is not breathing, at the same time an officer key's up on the radio, "shots fired". Who do you help? The mom or the officer?

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The mom

You would assist the officer first and foremost. The officers and rescuers are a dispatchers top priority. Minder

Evo Logistics

Why did you leave your last job

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I'm still employed at that job,

I had night shift. I want a day shift

What does leadership mean to you?

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Helping others achieve thier goal in a positive way.

MedStar EMS

Free speech have you ever been in a situation where you had to come somebody down and how did you handle it?

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I advise the person on the phone but I do have help on the way but I need to get some information from you. Minder

Lafayette Police Department - Indiana

How do you organize yourself when you have multiple tasks to complete?

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Give them an example from a previous position that shows them you have completed multiple tasks at the same time and had to meet a deadline. Tell them how you manage multiple tasks; either through an electronic device or making lists and prioritizing tasks. Play up the part about prioritizing tasks. Minder

Henry County BOC

They asked me to tell them about an emergency situation I had either been involved in or witnessed and how I handled the situation.

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I related an experience from a family medical emergency in which i was directly involved in rendering first aid/CPR and getting that individual to the ER. I was very specific about my role, my behavior/attitude and my overall demeanor in the situation. Minder

Iredell County

What all did I think an average 911 call entailed? What all was involved from start to finish in handling a call?

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I answered by saying I would need to get all the pertinent information from the caller, dispatch the necessary emergency units, track their movements, write up any reports, involve my supervisor as needed. In short, multi-task. Minder

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