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Bijgewerkt op 14 nov. 2013

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Ik heb persoonlijk gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 1 week. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Allied Industries


They asked by EA's role

  • No diffcult question they asked
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Kandidaat voor anonieme sollicitatie in North Hollywood, CA

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Ik heb via een recruiter gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 2 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Allied Industries (North Hollywood, CA) in dec. 2012


There was search firm involved in the Pre-screening stages: David Gomez & Associates. Was sent on an interview to meet with President, COO and a Business Consultant. When I arrived I was asked to wait for over 25 minutes. When I was taken to the conference room it was just the COO and the Consultant. The President never even come to say hello. This role was to be the head of HR for the entire organization but being told we had to get through 30 questions in 30 minutes was a bit disconserting. What was more dismaying is that the consultant actually timed the entire interview. Not very promising when they are telling me the previous HRD did not get along with the owners. Maybe spending a bit longer to determine cultural fit would pay off.

  • Is actually a question I asked the COO - the HRD reports to him. What is your Employment Value Proposition, what differntiates you form other construction firms? He said the President would pay for quarterly lunches and talk the employees. Hardly, the answer I was looking for.
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Anonieme werknemer in Sacramento, CA

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Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 3 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Allied Industries (Sacramento, CA)


Hiring interview with Exec VP had to be rescheduled 3 times, then assigned to Sales Marketing Manager for follow-up. Exec VP was mostly interested in bragging about himself, talking "trash" about competition. No real questions about the abatement industry, technical aspects, regulatory issues, etc., lack of industry knowledge was very apparent. Have since learned that due to high turn-over rate, hiring process is mostly about finding another "warm body" to fill a position for a short while.

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