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Case 1: Given APR, Interchange fee, Avg monthly balance, Avg spend every month, and loss rate of 3% calculate the profit per customer. Now justify if it is profitable to give cash back to the customers.. Case 2: 2 ways of campaigning for credit cards 1. Email - 10% of applicants become customers - each representative can verify 10 email applications in an hr and is paid $25/hr 2. Chat - 20% of applicants become customers - each representative can respond to 4 applications in an hr and is paid $25/hr Profit per customer in both the cases in $100. which one is profitable email or chat. Draw the graph of profit vs no of applicants Consider a scenario where there are only 5 representatives to handle applications. In this case which one is more profitable email or chat. calculate the breakeven point for the no of representatives where chat will be profitable than email.

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Hi Could you please let me know if the guys who are selected had 5th round?

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First Question: Email: 10% * 10 = 1 --> get 1 customer with $ 25 per hour Chat: 20% * 4 = 0.8 --> get 0.8 customer with $25 per hour Email is more profitable Second question: Email cost $25 to get one customer Chat cost $25/0.8 = $31.25 to get one customer Both of the profit is $100 Assume the profit is before the pay to the representatives Email graph: line with slope of (100-25)/10 Cost graph: line with slope of (100-31.25)/10 Not sure how to solve the rest of the questions

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Basic profit and loss calculations. 1 hr of case round and these can be completed in 45 mins. They assess your thought process and your accuracy in doing the calculations. But not sure on what basis they finally select some one for fifth round. You may do well in case round and still you will not be called for the fifth round.

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Could someone post the correct answer here, thanks!

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