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Did you have sales goals in your previous jobs?

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Heidi op


It is basically a sales job. the office managers job is to make sure the office meets each mths budget. Budget is set by the corporation and each mth is based on the same mth the previous year plus a precentage more. No matter how well you do it will never be good enough . Office mgrs are paid a low salery but they offer a bonus. The bonus is paid only if the office reaches the budget and then office cost are subtracted from it like office employees overtime etc. Corporate also requires the om to be there usually an hour before the office opens and to be the last to leave. An om can plan on working at least 9-10 hour days m-f and then 1-2 saturdays a mth plus some after hour meetings, usually out of town that require the om to drive to after the office has been closed for the day. By the time salary and bounus is divided into the hours its almost minimum wage. If you want to see what an om's day consist of just google aspen reviews.

robf op


Blah, Blah, Blah.

Anoniem op


I started with Aspen a couple of months ago and I am starting to re-think my decision and have started to look for another job. If you like working long hours for little pay this is for you. No positive re-enforcement, just negativity. It seems you are always doing something wrong. My advice is to look elsewhere and be happy.

Concerned employee of Aspen op

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