Sollicitatiegesprek voor de functie Information Analyst/Business Analyst


For 1st interview: Why What was your best feedback? Can you tell me your experience related with the job? Do you have questions for me? Culture fit interview: tell me about yourself and experience (you should prepare a lot for this answer) did you take initiatives for your project or company? how do you deal with conflict? explain with an example what are you looking for in a new role? why this role? If developers don't go with your solution, what would you do? why Why does this position appeal to you? How do you deal with resistance? For the technical interview: It was about my answers. Why did you think this instead of that? What do you do if other teams don't agree with you? What do you do if other teams' priority is different than yours and don't want to change their priority? If you apply these suggestions, what would your next step be? How do you convince customers ?


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