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Have you ever told a subordinat to do something and found out latter it was wrong? How did you correct it?


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You must be honest. This is your integrity on the line. There is nothing more frustrating or de-motivating than a manager who cannot admit mistakes. When you have admitted the error be sure to offer assistance in repair or damage control.

V op


You absolutely admit the error and take whatever corrective action is needed. As other posters said, honesty is the best policy. Don't fake it and don't make stuff up. If the situation REQUIRES a guess, then guess and still admit if you made the wrong decision. But don't try to cover your tracks. You lose credibility and frankly, you don't deserve it at that point.

Steve op


I've made that mistake. I apologized for the mistake and fixed it. Simple as that.

Shannon op


Helped them correct it and appoligized for mistake

Anoniem op


I corrected the situation myself with the subodinate helping me.

Mark op


Went to the person told them that after thinking about the situation that I think we should handle it a different way. Informed them of the new (correct) way of doing it and ask them what they think.

RR op


Confess to the associate that you gave him/her incorrect information and that the work needs to be done over again. Apologize for the error and that this error just validates the fact that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Hopefully the associate will not be too upset, but the job still needs to be done over. Offer some still need to manage your building.

DAM op


Help them correct it to ensure that they know what to do the next time.

Jack op


correct my mistake and apolgize

Zek op


Take accountablity for the bad information, move on by correcting the mistake

RA op


Actually,I find the Question a little confusing. (not to mention the spelling). Did the subordanite do the job wrong or were they giving the wrong info?

Barth op


You should probably do a spell check next time before posting does make the question harder to read...

Nikki op


Will take accountability of the same & think of next move

Sai op


Take accountablity for the bad information, move on by correcting the mistake

sm op


Admit my mistake and rectify the problem

jp op


I would go to that employee as soon as realized the mistake and let them know i was wrong and make sure they are clear on the correction. I would thank them for their time and move on with my day.

david op


Just admit that you made a mistake. Review the task at hand with the employee and solicit his/her opinion on how to do it more efficiently and mistake free. And always thank them.

Eli Farias op


My last employer didn't provide a job description and I basically twiddled my thumbs until I created a job for myself to make the time pass; a corporate uppity complained about my project and my boss defended my work knowing full well I created the position description. So I had no explanation as to how my job should be done. My boss ended up providing instructions on how to fulfill my "made up job" from that point forward. That's when I started looking for other employment.

S op


"Every day... I have worked with some pretty dense people and it takes the patience of a devout buddhist monk to see the way some of my previous employees bastar-dized the work that i asked them to do and react with nothing more than a polite reminder of the correct way to not jack sh it up all the time. "

D op


i will not say directly that it was wrong but i will ask him/her whether we can do this in different way n ask his opinion, by taking his reply in consideration i will correct the wrong thing with his help

Anoniem op

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