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He wanted an accountant to use creative accounting. Would I be able to hide a book on how to cook game meat in the emergency preparedness account so he would have to claim it as owner's draw.

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Oh where do I start? The owner is a Jew who doesn't like to pay his employees anymore than minimum wage. He expects you to work EVERY SINGLE SECOND you are at the office and if you leave at 5 when it is time for everybody to leave he tells you that your job isn't a priority. The owner is sneaky and shady and treats ALL of his employees like trash. He doesn't value the employees that at the end of everyday makes his money for him. He is the kind of person that wants something for nothing and he takes FULL advantage of his employees. I STRONGLY discourage ANYBODY from applying for a job at this is awful!! All of the employees are strictly there for a paycheck and not because they enjoy their job. I can't tell you how many employees got hired and quit within a short period of time because of the owner. If you do decide to apply for a job there and you do get hired he will definitely get everything he can out of you for as little money as he has to pay you. He takes TOTAL advantage of his employees. Don't punish yourself by applying for a job for this slave driver. DON'T DO IT!!! DON'T DO IT!!! DON"T DO IT!!

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I worked for that guy too!! He sucks!!!

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Always took care of himself but held no loyalty to employees - watched it for years - nobody was good enough for his company, just settled on them so he could justify his ways and not giving back to those giving to the company. It was sad, I was disappointed that’s how he turn out after so long.

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I told him I would code things the way he wanted them coding but I didn't want to be signing off on any financial statements or tax returns.

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