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How do you feel about those jokers at Congress?


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"It's my personal policy to never discuss politics or religion in the workplace." One could also say "... On the first date" if the interviewer has a sense of humor :D

Whom? op


I've never met a member of Congress. How about you?

God op


I am sorry. I thought I was interviewing for ##. Can you tell me how this line of questioning relates to this position?

Anoniem op


"Nancy Pelosi is my grand-mother..."



I am much more concerned about the Riddlers...

Batman op


This is kind of a trick question. Do not fall into a political discussion

Anoniem op


It's a "trick" question. They want to know if you are going to discuss anything that is not appropriate topic in the workplace. My answer would be: "I would prefer not to answer the question. I think it's inappropriate to discuss politics in the workplace."

suzy blue op


I actually don't believe they are joking...what do you think of the members of congress?

Angela op


I don't like to discuss politics in interviews, sorry.

toadaly op


I don't have feelings for them. Do they have feelings for us?

Politics op


They don't use jokers, just the regular playing cards.

DibblesMcPhee op


I'm surprised no one else said this. I would say: I make it a practice not to discuss politics or religion, but I am reminded of a statement by John Adams. He said he believed "one useless man is a disgrace, two useless men are a law firm, and three or more useless men are a congress."

Sunshine op


I can't imagine anyone being dumb enough to fall for this question (though I do enjoy some of the facetious answers in the comments above) It almost makes me laugh to think of the average interviewer, all straight-laced and serious, asking in a robot tone "What-do-you-think-of-those-jokers-at-congress".

Lisa op


Oh, not many members of congress seem to have much of a sense of humor lately, don't you agree?

DD Higgs op


While it's possible that the interviewer is just fishing to see if you'll talk about your personal beliefs, IMHO, I think declining to answer altogether is a cop out. While I don't advocate talking about specific ideological beliefs (you end up running the risk of saying something really stupid), I think you can abstract an answer to get around that. Something like, "Wow, what a tough job, I don't envy anyone who has to try to make EVERYONE in America happy all the time. I had this job once that was a little bit like I imagine Congress to be...(fill in anecdote about having to make lots of different people happy). If pushed further after that, I would decline any more specific political talk.

DougV op


Congress... ohio, right? My father was born and rased there. I never met a congress man I didn't like.

lucas op


I think it is very unfortunate that even though they have good intentions, they've been put in a position where it is extremely difficult to achieve results efficiently.

William op


ask your mother

predator op


Trick question. It could be checking how you stay away from controversial subjects. It could be checking how you respond to authority in general or the language you use. I had a Building Inspector tell me he hated (Racial group). I had a pharmacy inspector start the inspection with "I hope you are not one of those women's libber types. I love working with young women." The Rx-jerk..I told him "I wouldn't tell him until he was through with the inspection." "I told the building inspector I grew up hating (racial group). He thought we were buds even though I wanted to puke. This one is easy. "I get frustrated with some topics because they don't have clean answers. My preference is not to delve into them."

Rx Veteran op


I'd tell them the truth. My dad ran for Congress and didn't win. It was entirely their loss.

Herself op


I don't discuss politics at my place of employment.

Anoniem op


Lets be real here boss man, they are the joke.

samuel op


All I can tell you is that I think it is time someone called "Batman"!!

Charles Ellis Bruce op


Me: Isn't that word a bit harsh to describe them? Interviewer: You mean Joker? Me: No, Congress, that implies they are doing work on behalf of the people.

Paul op


Anyone care to comment on the poor grammer? Jokers AT congress? Who are you being inteviewed by?

ubermeme op


Which ones?

salcrolly op


"Hate 'em"

Steveo op

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