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Bijgewerkt op 5 sep 2018

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ICT Automatisering

Kandidaat voor anonieme sollicitatie in Eind, Noord-Brabant, Noord-Brabant

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Ik heb via een werknemersdoorverwijzing gesolliciteerd Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij ICT Automatisering (Eind, Noord-Brabant, Noord-Brabant) in aug 2018


I invited for healthcare unit for software test engineer role. The interview took 2 hours and I explained my experiences. After the interview, the recruiter sent me an e-mail for inviting second on-site interview with System and Machine unit. However, the email had no information about the process and why I was invited to the different unit. After my questions about the process, she told that they thought I am more suitable for this unit. I asked the job description about the role and it is answered that it does not exist, but it is still a software test engineering position which is related to industrial automation. Then the second interview was arranged with the operation manager and software engineer. Afterward, I went to the second interview at the time. However, the operation manager did not join the interview!! Therefore, I met with the human resource operation manager and she asked general questions about me. Then, the engineer who is working in a system and machine unit joined the interview by Skype. He asked technical questions about my experiences. After the interview process, they sent me an email and I am rejected. It says I have no experiences with Doors, Jira and Serena tools. However, I don't mention these experiences on my CV. I asked that why you invited me if these experiences are crucial for the job. My email is not answered!! If they clarify my inadequacies about the job interview, it would be more beneficial for me. I cannot understand their recruitment process so I wasted my time unreasonably.

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ICT Automatisering

Kandidaat voor anonieme sollicitatie

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Ik heb via een andere bron gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 3 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij ICT Automatisering in jun 2018


I interviewd with ICT online, I passed all the process 1) technical interview 2) skype personal interview 3) personal assessment test with another company GITP 4) the company came to egypt and do a face to face interview they told my that I am accepted and they will send to me an offer and they told me that if I passed all the interviews I will get hired and start the relocation After one week I send to hr an email asked them for news, he told me that they are not abel to hire me without provide any reason I contact with some person who reach the same step with me and all of us get the same responce. they waste our time without any reason

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