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Bijgewerkt op Nov 1, 2018

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Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 1 week. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Kempen & Co (Amsterdam) in Oct 2018


Three one hour interviews. Two were cases, the last was fit and motivational. Discovered during the interview process that each interviewer had the personality of a carrot - incredibly bland and boring. They asked immature questions based on their own misguided assumptions, and in the cases they gave, the first guy had little understanding of the topic himself. Trying to impart any real-life knowledge of the topic onto him was like trying to polish dung. I was told I would undertake a DCF test, however they gave me cases as if they are consultants. They’re not - they play around with excel all day (and it shows in their personalities). The last interviewer was exceptionally dull and narrow minded, asking ridiculous questions that only serves to demonstrate his low EQ. Immediately following the interview, I decided that I would decline the offer regardless, given the poor personalities of the interviewers - working with them for a day would be torture, let alone 3 months. The company was also too cheap to pay travel costs to their offices. Overall, they think they are bigger than they actually are. They’re a little Dutch bank, but they act as if they’re GS or JPM. An initial Skype interview would have made me realise that they have no personality, before travelling to Amsterdam to find this out. International applicants beware. I would not recommend at all. Do not waste your time.

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