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Bijgewerkt op 11 sep 2013

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Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 4 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Newedge (Singapore) in jun 2013


Consists of three rounds. The first round is Technical, the second round is more of abstract questions and third round with the Director Level who belongs to Tokyo. First Round ---------------- F2F in Singapore at NewEdge office. Questions are from below areas: 1. Oracle partitioning 2. What is Global Temp tables 4. The new futures in oracle 11i version 5. Materialized views 6. Types of trigger 7. What is mutating table 8. Commit inside trigger(autonomous transaction) 9. What is Snapshot too old error 10. What is external tables 11. Star schema and Snowflake schema 12. Index organized tables 13. Oracle Indexes(Bitmap, Btree and one more asked, didn't remember) and other medium level Oracle tech questions. Second Round --------------------- This round is the video conference with two guys from Hang Kong. One is the manager and another one is his subordinate. The VC is done at their Singapore office. The questions are more of abstract and to know your skills and abilities and personality. Few questions: 1. Your solution is rejected by your team, what will you do? 2. How you manage the tough business user? 3. What is your strength and weakness? 4. Why you want to leave your current organisation 5. What is the size of your database? [They expect your answer in Tera Bytes since their db size is big] 6. What is the data volume you worked?[You should tell 50+ million or billion rows in each table, as they expect guys who worked in that bigger database] Third Round ------------------ I do not understand this level. Actually this round conducted with the Director level who is from Tokyo along with his buddy who is also a bigger position. As I did completed two tech rounds already, I expected this level should be checking the Individual's skills and abilities but surprisingly, both of these directors asked all tech questions. Be prepared with below: 1. How you provide read. write , update privileges to the user? --> using Grant and Revoke commands 2. How do you conduct auditing of your database objects-->Study well the DBMS_AUDIT_TRIAL 3. Did you got access to all the data directly? --> They expect you should be currently working in an environment where the data access restrictions in place, such as you should request for read access of certain data with DBAs. 4. What is the temp table in Oracle and difference between Oracle and other database temp tables(ex: Sybase) 5. Vi Editor commands 6. How to find differences between two files --> diff command 7. how to find particular pattern in directory --> ls -ltr *abc201308* 8. How to find number of files in directory? ls -ltr| wc -l (check the command once) 9. How you search particular word in a file in vi editor

  • How do you conduct auditing of your database objects-->Study well the DBMS_AUDIT_TRIAL
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Ik heb via een werknemersdoorverwijzing gesolliciteerd De procedure duurde 6 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Newedge in jun 2008


They first did a phone interview. In phone interview they discussed my previous employer and various projects mentioned on my resume. After phone interview, I was invited for an onsite interview with various Managers. Mostly my resume and previous projects were discussed and Newedge culture was explained.

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