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Palo Alto Networks

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Ik heb via een werknemersdoorverwijzing gesolliciteerd De procedure duurde 3 maanden. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Palo Alto Networks (Amsterdam) in nov 2017


The interview process was very straightforward and methodical in its execution. It began with multiple interviews with the internal recruiting team and then progressed to multiple round table discussions encompassing multiple departments, management and senior management. Upon progressing to the next stage, I was advised I must present a presentation based on either one of two-specific topics, advised to me by the HR recruiter and I was able to leverage any information that I could find with-in the company website. My presentation then was presented to a group of 8 individuals with a planned question and cross-fire type setup at the end from all participants. Upon completion of this phase, I was then interviewed by global leadership as a final step.

  • What are three things that I had discovered, from a past experience, that had become obstacles in successfully accomplishing my personal work goals, what plan of action did I put in place, how did I overcome any resistance, and what was the final outcome of my actions?
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Palo Alto Networks

Anonieme werknemer in Amsterdam

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Ik heb via een recruiter gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 2 maanden. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Palo Alto Networks (Amsterdam) in jul 2017


To be honest, after the clumsy hiring process with “strange” interviews, I didn't want to work for this company (I was referred and they wanted me). The process was totally unprofessional (the hiring manager asked already after 15 Web conference minutes it I had any questions) and from my long working experience in the IT, I could tell there was something “wrong” with the people I had met.

  • What I thought about speeding in Germany (the managers hobby)?
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