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Capital One

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are.


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One number lower than whoever came up with this question

Maximus op


about a 5.6719151431

nb op


I am within two standard deviations from the norm...

Tim A op


This is to assess the candidate's perception, witt, and confidence, as well as ability to present a rational response to an "irrational" question. My anwer would be: Weirdness is a subjective topic, based on a scale of (1-10) one would first have to determine what the reference point is. I live life through my own eyes and judge people and events through my own moral compass. Therefore i would be a "1" and measure everything else with me as the reference point. There is no wrong or right answer, this is about confidence in presenting your argument. I would have a different answer of course if the question was about things other than weirdness, such as talent, uniqueness, difference, etc..

ACE op


My perception of weird and your perception are going to be different, so will the interviewer's. Always consider the audience that you are speaking to and make sure to add some, not a lot, of levity!

cm op


5 because im inbetween both a normal one....^_^

Arjun op


I am a 10. I am a software engineer. We are all very weird.

Randy op


Maximus- love that answer- halarious.

Pam op


just know the company's culture and if they like uniqueness or not

Anoniem op


well, do they like uniqueness or not?

pg op


my answer would be "1" because normalcy is relative.

Akshat op


"Extremely weird" since my scale shows 156 lbs.

Debarshi op


This is most likely fake, if it was asked it probably was just to amuse the interviewer, not so much of a deciding factor.

Ray op


please read this as, "hmmm, how will you answer this question?"

pt op



Anoniem op

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