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Bijgewerkt op Jan 20, 2016

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Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 3 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij SKIM (Rotterdam) in Jan 2016


I was introduced to the company during a presentation in our university by the managing director, I thought it was a really interesting company in my area of expertise, so I have applied because I have a skillset that they called the SKIMDNA. The company labeling turned out to be much different than the content. There was slight uncertainty around my application during the whole time. First, in December I've applied for Junior position got a brief conversation with the HR: why Skim? why market research? During this call, I was invited for an interview. During conclusion words of our conversation, it turned out that they considered for a different position than the one that I was applying for, although it was in the subject line. It followed slight perturbation where my interview offered during the very same conversation was cancelled. We scheduled another call later that day where I was told that after "carefully reviewing my CV" they can eventually offer me to apply for a more senior role. I wasn't confident because my educational background wasn't a quite match but the HR promised I will have "equal chance getting either one of the both roles" So far so good, it seemed promising. I was sent an online analytical test, a case study, for the senior role which was rather easy and I scored really good, so I was invited for an interview in January. For the interview, I was asked to prepare a presentation about myself and to submit another test a "behavioural" one, which showed a balanced personality. The interview was with 3 people, it was a friendly conversation for an hour and a half including my presentation followed by Q&A session about my background and a case study where I was asked to interpret 3 graphs. Unfortunately, during the interview, only one of the hiring managers came prepared and it was familiar already with my CV, they had a short discussion in front of me how, when and for what position I have applied. I have received rejection within 5 business days saying that other candidates have better "motivation and fit" although the job posting is there for the last 6 months. After requesting more details, I was provided a vague statement saying that the hiring managers had difficulties placing my specific interests how I am seeing myself working in the organization. Difficulties, even though, I had a separate slide in my personal presentation dedicated on this matter and received instant feedback from one of the hiring managers during the interview that I have "solid understanding" where I am and where I am going. In conclusion, going trough, the whole application process was a serious hit on my enthusiasm as a young market researcher. I find it difficult to deal with the unethical recruiting practices and I suspect SKIM is not an equal opportunity employer as they label themselves. As the whole industry is concerned and trying to fix the "talent gap" they are getting nowhere close to this with this approach. Sorry for the long post.

  • Semantics results analytical case study. Quite easy but time constrained. An interpretation of 3 graphs during the interview.
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