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Selenium Based Questions: 1. What is automation testing & its benefit? 2. Types of tests you have automated? 3. Sanity & Smoke test difference? 4. Types of test cases cannot be automated? 5. What is WebElement in Selenium? 6. Type of Framework model which you have used in your project? 7. Explain your selenium automation framework? 8. Type of Programming languages & OS which is supported in Selenium? 9. Type of data you have handled in Selenium? 10. What is selenese? 11. Type of webdriver available in Selenium 12. Selenium 3 vs 4 13. Types of wait mechanisms 14. Implicit vs Explicit Wait mechanisms 15. What is Xpath? 16. Types of Xpath Axes? 17. Difference between / vs // 18. Assert vs Verify 19. Verification vs Validation 20. How to launch browser? 21. Why not WebDriver driver = new WebDriver? 22. Different types of exceptions? 23. driver.get(URL) vs'URL') 24. Maximize window 25. Delete cookies 26. quit() vs close() 27. driver.findElement() vs driver.findElements() 28. How to select drop down value? 29. How to capture screenshots in selenium? 30. Purpose of Action class? 31. How to handle web based pop up or alerts in selenium? 32. How to upload file in selenium? 33. Javascript executor to read title? 34. How to read data from excel? 35. Explain POM & its advantages? 36. Where you will store all your local code in repository? 37. What is TestNG & Advantages? 38. Types of annotations in testng? Java Related Questions 1. What is object class? 2. String & String methods? 3. Interface vs Abstract 4. Inheritance? How to define inheritance? 5. Array vs Array List 6. Final vs Finally 7. Access specifier types? 8. Protected vs Private 9. Overloading vs Overriding 10. What is Abstraction? 11. What is polymorphism? 12. == vs equals()

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In 1976, there were only 250 computers in India. It was then that Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL, led a team of eight young people who...Meer

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