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The 1st telephonic interview was around technical question from applications to storage. TCP vs UDP , NAS vs SAN , RAID 5 vs 0+1 , Firewalls , Hypervisor , Load Balancer , Containers, Dockers,Pupper Shef , CDN , Map reducer , big data , SQL vs NO SQL , Router , Switch , OSI model , development tools , unix shell scripting , tuning rdbms , running application , tuning I/O , SOA , Continuous Integration , Continuous deployment , Monolithic application , loosely coupled application , Cloud security, Encryption , dedup, WAN optimization For 2nd telephonic it was mainly focused on example based like Give me an example where you have done something which no one has done , give me an example where you have failed , give me an example where you went out of your charter/comfort zone to help someone , give me an example where you have handled a difficult customer and how you have handled it , what have u learn new lately and how you have implemented it , Next was face2face onsite for whole day it started with presentation/white boarding then one technical and four example based interviews , in a few example based interviews they might ask you to do a architecture white boarding


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the techround in face2face round was more or less same like the phone screen . They expect the SA should have knowledge on all the areas plus depth in 1-2 area. If you have depth in 1-2 area they are going to go deep in that. It make sense to tell them initially that your expertise is in which area so that they can go deep into the same

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HI, I just took my first interview with Amazon and I was asked to come for second interview. In the email, HR asked me to prepare more or less same way I have prepared for the first interview. I was wondering if you could give me insights about the second and third interview? I am coming from non-software background, it is more or less based on telecommunications and networking. If I am called for on-site interview, did you happen to do coding problem on site? Your insight would be highly appreciated.

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Its very important that you learn the 14 amazon leadership principles , your example based answers should reflect them also try to learn their offering , if possible complete the aws solution architecture training since it helps in white boarding

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That was perhaps the most exhaustive reply/review and thanks a big lot for that! Can you shed some light on 'tech round' in face2face interviews? Also, some more light on 4 example based rounds that you mentioned? (You can keep the details a lil abstract if you want)

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