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Bijgewerkt op Feb 28, 2017

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Ik heb via een recruiter gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 2 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Travix International in Feb 2017


My first contact was with a headhunter in LinkedIn, after a message we had a call and he explained the opportunity and made some questions about my experience and knowledge. Some days after the first contact I received an online test, it was simple but very concise and easy to be done in 2-3 hours. Some days after the test I got a message about the next step that was a 2-3 hours interview. The first interview was a technical one with two Travix developers, we talked a lot how to solve some problems and situations and I would say that it was a more generalistic interview with great questions about software engineering best practices and wich are my beliefs about good software. The second and last interview was more like a cultural interview with the Head of Software Development, I had prepared a lot of questions about Travix culture and they gently answered all of them. They also asked about experience in an international working environment and some questions about my professional experience. Some days after the last Interview I was contacted by the headhunter and she said that they liked me very much and were preparing an offer to me and another candidate who made it to the final stage too. Two days after the last contact the recruiter called me and made a proposal which I accepted.

  • How do you test and web service which depends on another production/deployed web service?
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  • Which kind of test do you like more and why
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