Sollicitatievragen voor een Business Analyst Fraud bij Travix International

Bijgewerkt op 30 apr 2019

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Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 4 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Travix International (Amsterdam) in apr 2019


1. Call by a hired recruiter (not an employee of the company) 2. Cognitive ability test - easy one- 3. Interview with the recruiter and hiring manager 4. Business Case - provided data in the excel sheets, need to be finished in 3-4 days. 5. Presenting the case to HR, a data scientist, and a fraud analyst. Answering their questions about fraud prevention and process. First of all, the recruiting process takes a long time. When you consider that their salary range which will be mentioned at the screening call is quite low when you compare with market prices. I asked myself "Am I being recruited by Microsoft or Amazon and they have quite a long process?, and at the end what will I get?" Even though all the process is not difficult, it consumes your time and energy. In the last interview with group/panel which consists of the members' HR, data scientist, and fraud analyst. The questions asked are way too abstract, relative and doesn't test your experience and knowledge. So, get ready for this part. When you look at the experience of the interview group, you will see that they are either junior or less experienced than you. So, imagine that people who have less experienced in your field of specialization are asking the questions about your profession to test how much you know about it :) On the other hand, during the process, they are kind and informative that is a good thing. The choice is yours.

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