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Bijgewerkt op 2 mrt 2019

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Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Travix International (Amsterdam) in feb 2019


Got a call after almost one month of applying discussing my application, they sent an easy technical test with somewhat vague questions and no clear directions, and scheduled a "culture" video call the week after. I sent the test after solving it in the most delicate way possible, adhering to as many coding standards as it can get. I got my result, it was a hasty one, showing apparent delinquency, I'll be more specific regarding this one cause it was what transformed my experience. Following are some of the cons mentioned in the test result, along with a statement falsifying the claim: - no ioc: utterly wrong, as per constructor injection was all around my API Controllers, and I was relying on abstractions, not sure how an obvious thing like this was missed.. - Didn't use .Net Core: for this one, the base solution I received was written in a not fully compatible technology, and the instructions stated that I shouldn't modify the code, so you get the gist of it. - no handling for unique flight numbers: this was done in a class called CustomBookingRepository, injected using ioc (so back to point one) That's only a glimpse of how poorly the test was handled, add to it that the HR took the result as an excuse to "change" the post offering from senior to intermediate which was both degrading and unfair. I sent my feedback explaining my approach to solving the test, and debating the fact that the test isn't a fair measurement of skills, was misinterpreted, and that I'm disappointed about the verdict of reducing the post based on it, since in the first place it wasn't sufficiently specific, and certainly not a test for a senior position (it was REST API for basic CRUD operations, something a fresh grad would've solved with ease). And guess what, they called and cancelled my interview, stating that I lack the soft skills and I'm not a good fit for their culture ! Well, if they can't take in an objective feedback, I wonder how they deal with their employees and real world problems. Enough said and experienced, very negative outlook.

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