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University of Phoenix

What are some ways you have experienced a supervisor not deal with things correctly?


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(This is such a loaded question! OMG. I was definitely stumped for a few seconds.) I didn't use a personal example, because you should never talk negatively about a past supervisor. I said I've heard some friends that have supervisors who do not take the time to treat them as individuals and try to motivate them on a personal level. I explained that these friends feel frustrated at the end of the day because they feel their manager does not care about them.

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The most important thing to remember about working there is to not let it get you down. Honestly, my manager would always negative and I hated the working enviironment. The asinine sales approach that UoP uses is pathetic. I am not an EC at a different University, and I found out within the first couple months just how much I was missing out by working at UoP. It truly is a classless organization. I do not know what your experience has been like there, but if they have been anything like mine just remember that UoPathetic is not where is starts and ends regardless of what the idiotic managers tell you.

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