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What is my contingency plan for my children when they get sick? Who, apart from myself and my husband, would be available to look after our children? At Sky, when you are employed with them, they want you at the office for the 40+ hours they employ your for and give the impression that taking time off to look after sick children would be an issue.


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As a past employee of over 3 years in this toxic political and unnecessarily stressed working environment at Sky Network Television NZ, you did the absolute right thing not going ahead with the "one-sided" offer. Well done - you made an important positive decision for you and your family.

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As a past Sky member, I absolutely agree - you did yourself and your family the greatest service by turning Sky down following your interview assessment. This is a highly politicised and toxic environment that would have created undue stress for yourself. Well done on having the foresight and moral fortitude to decline. Trust you are in a rewarding role with a more deserving employer now.

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I explained that my husband and I had no other family closer than 2 hours away and that we could call on them if necessary but that we are more than capable of managing our home-life so that it doesn't interfere with our work. I was offered the role, however, turned it down on the basis that it is not the right company for me and my family. I will give 110% to any Employer who is willing to look after their employees. Sky lost out on a valuable employee today.

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