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While reviewing video at a store you observe one of your best employees who has been with the company for over 10 years eating a bag of chips that she did not and does not pay for. Company policy says the punishment for stealing is termination, however you are short staffed with the Holiday season coming up and the employee has not prior policy violations. What do you do?

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It is critical to follow policy. You cannot make exceptions because you 'need' the employee more in December than in February. Furthermore, if this is how one of your 'best' and most veteran employees behaves, tolerating this behavior is likely to encourage similar behavior from the rest of your staff.

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Check personnel file see if the employee has been wrote up before. Give them a verbal warning if no prior write ups. Note that employee was givin a verbal warning.

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Confrontation is the hardest, but most effective way to approach this situation. It will be a difficult situation to face, but like getting a tooth pulled, avoiding it to avoid the pain is naive and ineffective. Confront the employee and find out their side of the story, if it's mixed: terminate. If it just so happened to be a mistake, reprimand and move on.

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