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Sunham Home Fashions
Er werd een Account Director gevraagd...30 november 2022

Most questions were around how I could solve their current business challenges


What was the sales process like in previous roles?

NTT Ltd.

Questions were focused on thought processes

Ogilvy & Social.Lab

Classic questions about my experience.


Didn’t even get there as they said they issued an offer to someone else after cancelling two initial calls.


Tell me more about yourself. How did you learn about Rally? Can you explain this gap in your resume?

The Lacek Group

What do you do if a client is running over on hours? How do you build a relationship?


What do you want to achieve in this role? What is the most valued accomplishment in your previous career?

OST Marketing

Social strategy planning and Team management

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Presented back across 5 slides


- Tell me more about yourself - How does Customer Success at your current company look like - How many people do you currently manage - Do they also cover renewals (commercial sides) of Customer Success? - Why are you looking to change?

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