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Account executives komen veel voor in de financiële dienstverlening, public relations en de reclamewereld. De belangrijkste rol van een account executive is om nieuwe klantrelaties aan te gaan en klantrelaties voor het bedrijf te onderhouden. Account executives blinken uit in interpersoonlijke vaardigheden, 'people management' en projectmanagent.

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Tips om deze drie veelgestelde sollicitatievragen voor een account executive te beantwoorden:

Vraag 1: Hoe onderhoudt u positieve klantrelaties?

Zo antwoordt u: Interpersoonlijke eigenschappen, positieve communicatie en cognitieve empathie zijn belangrijke vaardigheden voor een account executive. Bij het beantwoorden van deze vraag kunt u een voorbeeld geven van een situatie waarin u uw uiterste best deed om een klant te helpen. Deel op welke manier uw unieke ondersteuning gunstig was voor het bedrijf.

Vraag 2: Hoe presenteert u nieuwe producten of diensten aan potentiële nieuwe klanten om deze klanten te winnen?

Zo antwoordt u: Naast interpersoonlijke en sociale vaardigheden vergt het presenteren van nieuwe producten of diensten aan nieuwe klanten sterke verkoopvaardigheden. Sterke verkoopvaardigheden bestaan uit actief luisteren, kritisch denken en een goede timemanagement. Als u deze vraag krijgt, beschrijf dan uw sterke punten en geef voorbeelden uit uw eigen ervaring.

Vraag 3: Hoe bepaalt u welke prioriteit een taak krijgt als het gaat om het beheer van doelen, projecten en klanten?

Zo antwoordt u: Met deze vraag wil de vraagsteller meer weten over uw project- en timemanagement en of u taken kunt delegeren. Deel in uw antwoord op deze vraag uw visie voor het onderhouden van een doelgerichte focus bij het beheer van projecten. Deel uw strategieën voor een succesvolle afronding van projecten binnen de parameters van uitdagende deadlines.

Meest gestelde sollicitatievragen

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KMV Projects
Er werd een Accounts Executive gevraagd...6 juli 2012

Do you know Hindi?

10 antwoorden

It was my unexpressed feeling , that how to i answer for the question



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What would you do, if you are in a situation where in you are requesting for a certain input from a very senior person in the management and he is not replying back to your emails, phone calls etc. And this input is crucial for you to meet a deadline.

8 antwoorden

to know the right way

Convey to the right chanel

I would start with emails, if that does not work, I would personally try to catch the supervisor and make sure I explain the situation or possible get the right advice I seek. Minder

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Can you work in this environment & late night whenver required?

8 antwoorden



yes . I will

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It is Backdoor recruitment and Charges are 1 Lakh. Are you ready to Pay.

8 antwoorden

Please give me your number

I'm ready to pay but job is permanent guarantee???


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why do you want to change your current job?

6 antwoorden

Day shift to want

Dear sir/mam Currently not in work I am taking care of my family I am a home maker. I wan't to restart my career. My experience as an accountant is 7 years. Kindly give me an opportunity to work for your company and we are financially backwards. I don't' even have a proper house to live in. Give me a little support and training and also I would like to learn new accounting system if any you are introduced in the company. Thanking You Shirley Minder

now not working

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typical selling strategy questions

5 antwoorden

I have been applying online but no response. What is the best way to get in front of a recruiter? Minder

Also you are tied to you phone and desk and it is frownd upon to work from home.

Yes I got the job but it was not what was sold to me and was not negotiable as far as a possible change. I would be viewed as a difficult person and crt baby. the job is 95% on the phone and if needed a visit to your territory. In my case i am based in Chicago and cover obscure accounts in the southeast. so none of my 20 plus years of relationships mattered to them. Minder

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Novel Office

which account should credit when fixed asset sold for loss

6 antwoorden

Fixed Asset account

Fixed assets

Debit all accumulated depreciation and credit the fixed assets

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Ivey Marketing

Questioned why I never confronted a past employers unethical behavior, and why I never possessed the ability to see a past lay-off coming my way.

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There were no indications I was going to be let go, so there was no need to take a pre-emptive approach. Once an employer has proven themselves to be unethical you can only take one of two "roads", stay put and make the best of the situation, or quit. I needed the job so I stayed. Unethical people don't admit they're unethical - especially if that person is your boss. When you stand up for yourself against an employer you run the risk of being terminated. Minder

I too experienced the unethical behavior by senior management. They have no idea of what they are doing. They are all based on profit margin and how much we can make on a job. It isn't about getting the work done, It is about how quickly and how fast can we bill the job. Minder

Ivy is unprofessional. They waste overly qualified candidates time. Little do they know, this is a small industry (locally). Word gets around... Minder

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Sitics Logistic Solutions

What are the most important goals of AR?

5 antwoorden

The important goal of accounts receivables is to minimize bad debts and to have a track of business debtors. Minder

The main objective in Accounts Receivable management is to minimise the Days Sales Outstanding DSO and processing costs whilst maintaining good customer relations. Accounts receivable is often the biggest current asset on the balance sheet. Minder

The main objective in Accounts Receivable management is to minimise the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and processing costs whilst maintaining good customer relations. Accounts receivable is often the biggest current asset on the balance sheet. Minder

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That Link to the test: Johny has a blue apple and gave it to Jenny who traded that blue apple for the banana that Tom gave her earlier what did Jenny trade Tom to get that banana

5 antwoorden

ok ....that question is not verbatum but yeah thats the kind of test that it was question after question like math word problems with not Math .....CRAZY Minder states she traded the banana for the blue apple. Tom GAVE her the banana she did not TRADE for it. The only trade was between her and Johny and she only had a banana to offer up for the blue apple. Minder

So we can assume she didn't TRADE anything with Tom. She was recipient of his generosity. 😆 Minder

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