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Er werd een Accounts Payable Specialist gevraagd...31 januari 2023

I was asked specific accounting questions like where credits/debits would fall in a certain scenario.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Do you have experience in this department?


They all are questions about the 14 principles for Amazon

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You need to check your work experience and find examples to give while answering those questions. Questions like: Show me a time where you showed ownership in your job. Minder

Central Garden & Pet

Are you comfortable with training on-site for up to 6 months?


How do you get along with people with different backgrounds?

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Hard question I couldn’t figure out how to answer in that moment :)

XL Construction

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Como buscarías nuevos clientes con potencial

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Basándonos en su facturación


How did you manage hard customers. What's your take on diversity.

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Building trusting relationship with customers.


Tell me about a time when a team member wasn't pulling their weight


Tell me about a challenging time in your life and how you made the most of it.

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