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What would you do if it would be likely that you won't make a deadline?

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A big part of it is time management, structure and transparency. If after that, it would still be likely that you're running out of time, it means I have to keep on working until it's done while communicating the progress with my manager and peers.

Hello, as an MS employee I have created an interview prep guide for Microsoft interviews, based on my and my colleagues' recent interview experiences. The guide has questions you should expect along with our answers that got us into Microsoft. You can find it here: (please do not forget to also look at the reviews at the bottom of that page). Thanks and good luck! Ryan

What are your ambitions in the recruitment.

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Why are you looking for a new position?

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Why do I want to find a job in Rotterdam/ apply to their company?

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Er werd tijdens de eerste vragen gefocust op mijn persoonlijke voorbereiding. Er werd gevraagd waar SIRE Life Sciences voor staat en ontstaan is, enkele vragen over informatie op de website om te kijken of ik me ingelezen en voorbereid had.

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Welke doelstelling heb je die je met dit werk wil bereiken?

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Have you handled financial aspects of project management?

Why o9? Whats your salary expectation? How soon can you start? Standard stuff.

Waarom denk je dat jij geschikt bent voor de recruitement industrie?