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Boyd Gaming
Er werd een Accounts Payable Clerk gevraagd...23 juli 2011

How many invoices did you process in your last accounts payable position?

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I have worked AP at several places. My answer to this question would have been "more payables to enter than was humanly possible to handle." I used to have anxiety attacks on my way to that job. Finally quit. Minder

I have had a lot of experience with accounts payable especially with the casino industry. In one month I've done between 1,500 to 2,000 invoices. Minder

It has been many years since I have worked as an A/P clerk and I can not give an accurate estimate except to say that I was the only A/P clerk working for a mid-size manufacturing company. Minder

Wicker Smith

Can I multi task?

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Yes I can handle multiple task with professional work ethic and integrity and ensure all work is complete as expected and on time. Minder

Robert Half

Why did I leave my previous job...

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Lack of opportunity for movement within the organization.

My last job was only on a temporary basis.

Expressions Stationery Shop

Is this your first job?

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Yes, I also conducted by internship here at your company

Sioux Honey

Are you able to start right away?

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Of course I am if you want I'll go from here .

Meritage Hospitality

Asked how I handle a stressful job.

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All jobs are stressful at one time or another.

Porter Memorial Health System

One of the question asked was if I was able to work well as part of a team.

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Why would you like to work at Vega? Tell me about yourself and your professional experience?

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Vega is a strong growing brand that I would really like to support and get involved with! Discussing details on personal work and volunteer experiences Minder

Modern Machinery

How my previous work experience would assist me in the job I was applying for

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I have 7+ years of direct experience in the field which would lessen training time on their part Minder

Steward Health Care System

They wanted early starters- so will you be able to open shop and stay late

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I answered the question truthfully

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