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Sweet Cherry Publishing
Er werd een Children's Book Acquisitions Editor gevraagd...17 juli 2016

Tell us about a time when you had to give critical feedback?

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I had only had this in experience in a collaborative group setting so I also gave a hypothetical answer of dealing with the sensitivities of authors. Minder


1 Tell us about your self 2 What do you know about Packt 3 What do you understand by AE profile 4 Are you comfortable with the set targets

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Hi I am Narottam Barman 24 years old, I am from Siliguri West Bengal, I have good experiences in a video editing and videography. Yes I'm comfortable with this. Thank You Minder


What is your list development plan?

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Provided a strategic plan..


They asked me my previous job experience

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I explained my job then


They expect you to have good written and verbal comm skills

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Did the test well


They asked what kind of management I preferred.

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I like middle of the ground management. I don't like to feel alone without direction and I also don't like to be micromanaged regarding tasks and time. Minder

Marshall Cavendish Int

Are you willing to work weekends?

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I said I was willing to work weekends when required to meet a deadline.


What skills do you bring to this position?

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Track record of hitting or exceeding goals, association partnerships and a love of learning. Minder


How I would use metrics to decide on a vocabulary issue in a translation

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I said I would post in translator forums, Google different options, use Amazon user boards. Minder

Kendall Hunt Publishing

Do you have broad interests and curiosity about various subjects?

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