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Government of Kenya
Er werd een Administrative and Clerical gevraagd...3 oktober 2012

How can you be an asset to this company

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I have a passion in customer service. This will mean am fully committed in ensuring a friendlier environment to all clients both internal and external thus realising maximum profits for any organization. Minder

Through active involvement in all areas that are fulcrum to the company competitive sphere. Minder

I have a passion for organizing and planning and possess a combination of skills and experience that I will use to deliver quality administrative support to the team Minder

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Fort Zumwalt School District

They gave me a situation where three different people needed me all at the same time and asked which I would address first.....student...parent...or co-worker.

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I said I would identify the need of the student. If it was not pressing I would ask him/her to wait and address the parents. The co-worker would be last to address Minder



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NHS Professionals

What are the questions you would ask to verify a patient's identity, should they wish to book an appointment?

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What do you do if you see a dementia patient at the hospital corridor

Why are you applying for this post

Adeptus Health

I am sorry. I am not comfortable giving out that information. Previous employers did not need that information to make a direct deposit. I also have worked in the banking industry for nine years and have never heard of giving out user name and password for online banking for direct deposit.

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This is a measure to monitor the funds till you receive it and your password can be changed thereafter . I will be here to assist you Minder

I too was asked to complete an interview via Google Hangouts. Although sceptical I did entertain it, as I thought it may be a legitimate opportunity. I was wrong, starting out it to seem on the up and up, but eventually I was asked if I wanted paid by direct deposit or check. I chose check. And began asking questions. I was quickly blocked. Minder

Riot Games

Asked my education, and experience

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Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories

Can't really remember a specific questions, again it was very typical, however they did want to know what relevant GLP experience I had.

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I had no GLP experience, so they knew if they hired me I would be a newbie to this field. Minder

A.R. Mazzotta

Who was I using for references?

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This was difficult for some of my past employment because my direct supervisor was no longer with the company. They talked to me and we were able to come up with a co-worker that I worked closely who was able to provide an in depth reference. And they were able to do a verification of my employment through the payroll department. Minder

Adeptus Health

Why would you need my user name and password for my online banking for a direct deposit?

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It enables our account department remotely add your account to receive the funds . Minder

York Region District School Board

Describe a challenging situation you were faced with at your current/last employment and how did you deal with it.

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The challenge I faced, was to keep pace with technology change in this industry.

Southern Connecticut State University

greatest weakness?

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time management

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