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Er werd een Administrative Clerk gevraagd...18 juli 2022

What was your biggest achievement in life

Bureau De Nutrition Et Développement

How would you describe yourself?


Suggest 3 genuine reasons why you should be hired to work for us.

Korean Embassy in Vietnam

Have you ever experience failure? and how did you cope with that?

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I have, I didn't dwell much in it but rather use it to self-reflect and improve in things that i lacked Minder

City of Kitchener

How would you handle an upset client?

Community Care

What is good customer service to you?

Community Care

Describe a situation in which you had to de escalate an upset customer

Mountain Air Country Club

How I handle deadlines and staying on target

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I answered by saying that prioritize the list of tasks and try not to get too focused on details. Minder

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Why do you want to be a part of NYP?

Industrial Electrical Company

"Do you have any questions about this position?"

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I did not answer this question but I wish I asked about the work environment or the average salary for that position. Minder

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