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Eastern Virginia Medical School
Er werd een Administrative Services Manager gevraagd...26 juni 2012

What is your worst quality.

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I hate this question and never know what to say

typical hate question...well my answer would be...though am bad at knowing qualitative traits for it good or bad...let others to opine it with my action and frankly speaking i dont care much abt what they have to say Minder

I would give an honest answer that has nothing to do with the position... Perhaps, "My worst quality in my opinion is my love of sweets. I know I should stay away from sugar, but I have a really strong sweet tooth!". It's lighthearted, easy to relate to, and does not raise any red flags on how well you will perform the job (unless you are interviewing for a health-conscience position/company). Minder

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What were you previous jobs? How long have you work in the position?

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gave them a background about myself

I was interviewed with this process as well. Fairly easy and the questions weren't hard. Minder

SNI Companies

How do I handle challenges and pressure.

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I welcome challenges and I work well under pressure as I remain calm.

Super Technology Solutions

Have you worked from home or online before?

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No I have not worked for home or online before

Residential Elevators

What kind of experience did I have the was relative to the position.

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17 years customer service experience, 10 years call center, 7 admin, and AA in business management. Minder

Taylor Corporation

Skills that I had related to job.

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Listed my skills in detail.

Boston Consulting Group

Most of the interviewers asked general/expected questions. I didn't feel that any questions were tough or inappropriate.

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Answered the questions honestly and with as many examples of previous experiences that came to mind at the time. Minder

SNI Companies

Tell me about yourself.

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Told them about my background and explained that I just moved to the area and was looking for something temp-to-hire. Minder

SNI Companies

What was the least money I would except.

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No less than what they where currently offerring.

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